1. Bringing the Universe to Wisconsin presents at UW-Platteville

    children learning

    PLATTEVILLE, Wis.­­­ — Six University of Wisconsin-Platteville graduates returned to campus to present their experience living in Antarctica and working on the $280 million project, Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center for the National Science Foundation. IceCube was primarily a physics collaboration, but required engineering components with constructing the infrastructure, machines and tools used for studying

  2. Practicing what we teach

    teacher teaching students

    The professor knelt on the brightly carpeted floor to introduce herself to a small child. “My name is Dr. Fox and I’m going to be in your classroom today,” she said. Why is a college professor teaching kindergartners and first-graders? Because she’s “practicing what we teach’’ in an innovative program in the College of Education

  3. Lighting pioneer, brainchild of UW-Madison students, prospers in Middleton

    Fred Foster

    The opening line was decidedly off-hand for a performance that has run for more than three decades on Broadway and off: “Gak, this is disgusting, I can do it for $5,000!” Even “Watson, come here, I want you,” the imperative that founded the Bell Telephone empire and ultimately AT&T, had a bit more resonance. But