Project Status

As of November 2012, ERM Workshops have been conducted at seven UW System universities:  UW-Oshkosh, UW-Superior, UW-Whitewater, UW-Parkside, UW-River Falls, UW- Platteville, and UW-Milwaukee.  One follow up workshop was conducted at UW-Superior to update their Risk List.

A core ERM team has been operational at UWSA since the inception of the project in the late spring of 2009.  The core team is comprised of staff from Administrative Services/Safety and Loss Prevention, Program Review and Audit, Legal Counsel, and Academic Affairs.

Lessons Learned

An ERM orientation session prior to the interviews, questionnaires, and voting workshop is critical for faculty and staff to understand ERM concepts and think more deliberately about the risks they may be facing.

Efficient scheduling of the orientation and workshop is critical to a smooth implementation

Initial implementation workshops need to be scheduled during the academic year if faculty, staff and students are going to be included in the process. Mid-semester seems to work best.

To allow for good discussion in the workshop, no more than 25 people should be involved.

Splitting the voting workshops into two half-day sessions is a more effective use of staff time.  Workshop participants weary of the voting process if this is conducted in one 8-hour timeframe.

Feedback of workshop results to campus participants should be completed within a one month timeframe.

Originally a debriefing session was conducted to help UW institutions launch their Risk Councils using the new heat maps and risk lists.  At the follow up workshop with UW-Superior they requested they leave with a list of their top risks, in addition to the new full risk list.  That process is now the new standard for UW institutions.   By the end of a workshop a UW institution has both a fully ranked risk list and a short list of the top risks they can address.

To keep Risk Lists and Heat Maps current the Core Working Group estimates they should be updated every 18-24 months through a follow up risk assessment and validation session.