This state of Wisconsin executive order (#194) directs all state agencies and UW System campuses to attain certain occupational safety objectives through the development of a written health and safety program. Executive Order 194 was issued on July 30, 1993.

The following are excerpts from Executive Order #194, issued by Governor Tommy Thompson, relating to health and safety of state employees:

Whereas, it is the policy of the State of Wisconsin to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all state employees; and whereas, workplace injuries and illnesses produce human suffering, economic and social losses and impair the operating efficiency of state government; and whereas, occupational accident and illness prevention requires management and employee commitment, accountability, cooperation, and leadership at all levels of state government; and whereas laws and regulations governing health and safety in the workplace apply to the operation of state government; and whereas, state government should lead by example by complying with all state and federal health and safety requirements; Now, therefore, I, Tommy G. Thompson, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of this State, do hereby:

Proclaim that all state agencies, institutions and university campuses and centers must develop and promulgate a comprehensive written health and safety program whose purpose is to attain the following objectives:

  • Minimize the risk of occupational injuries and illnesses by the use of recommended loss prevention and control techniques.
  • Establish written performance/accountability standards and objectives for managers and supervisors to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses and enhance workplace health and safety.
  • Provide adequate health and safety training and education for managers, supervisors and employees.
  • Establish health and safety committees consisting of representatives from all levels and areas of the organization.
  • Promote health and safety awareness and safe work practices.
  • Establish a procedure for conducting periodic health and safety inspections/surveys so that potential hazards are detected and corrected or controlled in a timely manner.
  • Provide for increased compliance with all applicable State and Federal health and safety standards and regulations.
  • Designate an individual to serve as the organization’s Health and Safety Coordinator to assist in directing its injury/illness prevention program.
  • Promote effective investigation and management of workers compensation claims and the early return to work of injured employees using transitional work assignments and other rehabilitation strategies.

All state employees must be informed of this Executive Order, in its intent and requirements for providing a safe and healthy workplace throughout state government.



This publication was prepared for environmental, health and safety staff at University of Wisconsin System campuses, to assist in finding resources and information for regulatory compliance. It is not intended to render legal advice.

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