Research, Economic Development, and Innovation (REDI) Committee

The UW System Office of Economic Development is one of the key focus areas for the Research, Economic Development, and Innovation (REDI) committee of the Board of Regents.

This committee’s role is distinguished by a unique partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

REDI Committee members for 2016-17 include Eve Hall (Chair), Tracey Klein (Vice Chair), Lisa Erickson, Tim Higgins, and Mark Tyler. Regent President Regina Millner and Regent Vice President John Behling are Ex-Officio members of the REDI Committee.

Overall, the REDI Committee is charged with considering matters related to the UW System’s role in enhancing its research enterprise and community/business partnership initiatives, thereby helping bolster the state’s economy.

The REDI Committee’s role, as stated in the Regent bylaws, is to:

  • Adopt policies and develop strategies designed to strengthen the UW System’s overall contribution to the economic development of the state, and to support professional development, outreach, and research at all UW System institutions;
  • Consider matters related to the UW System’s role in enhancing its applied and basic research enterprise in an effort to bolster the state’s economy;
  • Highlight successful research and economic development efforts, partnerships, and innovations involving UW System institutions; and,
  • Focus attention on the Board’s statutory responsibilities to report on and ensure accountability for research and economic development activities at UW System institutions