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The Web Team is here to help with all your Zuse and website needs. We encourage all departments to keep their websites fresh and at their best by reviewing content, removing outdated documents, checking Office Snapshots, updating campus rosters, and refreshing events and post lists. Contact us if you need help!

We continue to organize content to make our site as user-friendly as possible, and now you can help. Request Site Redesign Help and schedule a meeting with the Web Team to help build better navigation, develop functional menus and clean up old content.

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Zuse Updates

  1. Coming Soon: Website Accessibility Reports

    As you may know, the web team works hard to make our website accessible. This means our content can be consumed by people of all abilities. This is good because we want everyone to be able to access our content, but we are also required by the Department of Education

  1. Website Updates

    Hopefully this can in part serve as a friendly reminder to check in on your website to make sure they are up to date. As the school year ends, there may be things that need to be refreshed or removed. Please remember that there should be no more than five

News & Tips

  1. Website Accessibility

    The web team is always working to improve the accessibility of our website, and we want to remind users that they need to follow best practices to make their content accessible. Why think about accessibility? It makes your content easier to access: Following accessible web standards makes our site easier to use for all people, including visitors. It is the

  1. Tab & Accordion Tracking and Tab Look Updates

    See which tabs & accordions site visitors are clicking on We are now tracking clicks on tabs and accordion items in Site Improve. You can use this data to see which information is the most popular. We have been collecting this data for tabs since May 8th and for accordions starting June 12th. Data from before those dates is unavailable.

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