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5/25/2017:  Designing Math Pathways at UWS Institutions

1/18/2017: Common Cut Score Math Workshop

The UW System is embarked on an unprecedented effort to reform developmental education and improve student success in math. There are three key systemwide goals for student success in math:


  1. Reduce the number of incoming freshman needing a remedial math course:
  2. Expand the first year completion rate for students who need remedial math courses
  3. Expand student success in first year credit-bearing math courses


The UW System is part of national initiative, Taking Student Success to Scale (TS3). TS3 is a degree completion initiative led by NASH, the National Association of System Heads, and is a collaborative of higher education systems and campuses. As part of it participation in TS3, the UW System has identified the following strategies to improve math success:

  • Common score for Math Placement at UW Institution
  • Multiple Measures for Math Placement
  • Co-requisite Remediation
  • Math Pathways Tailored to Majors
    • Use of Meta Majors
    • Focus on alternatives to College Algebra
  • New Models for Teaching Math Remediation


Further information on the status of the UW System initiative to reform developmental education and improve student success in math can be seen in the attached presentation to the Education Committee of the Board of Regents on June 10, 2017.   Remedial Education Update to Education Committee 6.2017 pdf

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