What is D2L?

D2L is an online learning management system that is used by all UW campuses, either as a course delivery tool for online courses, or as a supplementary tool for face-to-face or blended courses.

Who owns D2L?

The system is hosted in an entity called Learn@UW, managed by DoIT at UW-Madison, but funded through the CSRG academic systems budget. D2L is short for Desire2Learn, a commercial learning management system (LMS). Each UW institution manages its own instance of D2L in terms of user management & support.

Who can use D2L?

Anyone affiliated with UWS campuses can use D2L at no cost. The traditional usage of D2L has been to host courses, but D2L can also be used for other purposes such as departmental meeting repositories, advisory sites, ad-hoc or project committees for discussion etc.

Who supports D2L?

With the exception of UWSA, each campus’ learning technology support group provides training, administration, and technical support for their instance of D2L.

Who supports D2L for UWSA, then?

Currently, administrative duties are provided through UW-Green Bay. The DoIT helpdesk and UWSA D2L administration offer technical support. However, most course sites on the UWSA instance are ‘owned’ and ‘managed’ by their own support groups who already have D2L experience in using D2L. UWSA does not offer the same level of user support (e.g. training and course design) as a regular campus who has dedicated personnel to support their faculty and students.

In general, why do groups choose to utilize UWSA’s D2L?

Groups use the UWSA D2L instance for convenience of user management from across campuses. UWSA D2L is the only instance that allows faculty and staff from different UW institutions to login using their home campus credentials. Currently, the UWSA D2L instance serves a number of online consortium academic programs, HRS training, various ad-hoc groups and tutorials.

If I have technical problems with UWSA’s D2L, who should I contact?

For academic programs, check with your program’s helpdesk and support. For example, UW MBA Consortium and UW System Alliance Students can contact iDocs Support or call 1-888-832-7090 Additional questions can be directed to the UW-Madison Helpdesk at 1-608-264-4357 or by emailing help@doit.wisc.edu.

For other ad-hoc and non-instructional course sites and programs, direct your questions to the owner or manager of the course site. Any other administrative questions can be directed to UWSA D2L Support (d2l@uwsa.edu).

Is the UWSA D2L instance different from campus D2L’s in any other ways?

The UWSA instance is set up for use by system-wide groups, as this will allow for easier account management and user authentication (logins). Anyone with an account on their local campus should be able to log into UWSA’s D2L. This makes UWSA’s D2L a good candidate for hosting courses with large, system-wide rosters.

How does one utilize D2L?

The D2L system allows instructors and course leaders to upload course content (files, videos, etc.), post announcements and reminders, conduct online quizzes and surveys, host threaded discussions, conduct online meetings, and manage grades.

How do I access D2L?

From the UWSA D2L website (https://www.wisconsin.edu/d2l), click on the purple button “Wisconsin Federated Login” for UW-System staff and faculty, and HRS employees. Select your home campus and enter your username and password affiliated with that campus.

How do I request a course to be hosted on UWSA’s D2L?

Please send course requests to d2l@uwsa.edu.

Where can I find an orientation on using D2L on the UWSA instance?

If you are not familiar with using D2L, your best option will be to use the training resources provided by your home campus.

To arrange for a consultation to see if D2L is a solution to your needs, contact UWSA D2L Support (d2l@uwsa.edu).