The UW System Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and individual campus teams actively monitor and respond to developing events related to the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19.

  • EOC Summary, October 22

    October 22, 2020

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update October 22, 2020 Overview Globally there are 40 million COVID cases and more than 1.1 million deaths. SARS in 2002-2003 was 8,000 cases and 800 deaths. In the US, 40,000 patients are hospitalized and there are about 700 deaths a day. Wisconsin has 8 of the top 11 urban locations […]

  • EOC Summary, October 19

    October 19, 2020

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update October 19, 2020 Overview Europe continues to have a surge in cases. Belgium is being particularly hard hit and has closed bars and restaurants. The US numbers remain about the same. Montana, Idaho and North Dakota are seeing increases in cases. There is no data for Wisconsin due to the […]

  • EOC Summary, October 15

    October 15, 2020

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update October 15, 2020 Overview Globally case numbers are increasing and are approaching 39 million cases and 1.1 million deaths. The EU cases are accelerating over and above controls they are putting in place. Europe has one-third of the new cases around the world each day. There were 60,000 cases in […]

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