UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update

June 17, 2020 


Vaccine progress is gradually moving. CDC asked each state to stand up a committee to determine how vaccines will be distributed in the state as there will be a limited supply. Lancet study suggesting a meter of social distance is good, two meters is better. Mask use also helps, but some equivocation. People, cats infected by minks on farm in Netherlands, and similar situation in Denmark. Cases in Brazil continue to expand.

Travel: Reviewed travel restrictions with campuses. UW-Madison as of today is open to book travel without restrictions starting July 1. Domestic and leisure travel continues to grow. Study Abroad units on campuses will be sharing updates and status on programs; appears to be limited interest from students to study abroad.

Finance: Collecting data points on how CARES funding is being spent, both on students and within institutions. 39,000 students received funds ranging from $20 to $6,200. The average is about $1,000 per student. Governor Evers announced System would receive $19 M to distribute to campuses.

HR/Legal: Board of Regents meets Thursday to discuss interim president.

Academic Affairs: Continue to work on fall planning.

Student Affairs: Discussing impact of COVID-19 requirements and how this will affect students.

Information Technology: DHS considering contact tracing app, but status of use unclear.

Facilities: Looking into alternative housing for institutions. Working on a draft COVID-19 contractor document regarding when contractors are in a building.

Plan Ahead Team: Draft documents being reviewed. Clarity requested on what is required and what is recommended, and enforcement.

Campus Updates: Student health services are getting together next week to compare notes on next steps.

Communications: Governor Evers thanked for the funding, with acknowledgment of the need for more. BOR will be updated on the Plan Ahead Team’s work on Thursday.

Supply Chain: Procurement working on PPE, including university inventory and needs.

Testing: Working with DHS and a possible combined initiative of system and DHS.

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Monday, June 22, 2020
4:00 pm