1. EOC Summary, July 6

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update July 6, 2020 Overview India case counts continue to rise, now third largest case counts in the world. Upcoming paper asking WHO to classify COVID-19 an airborne virus. In the US, there are 40,000-60,000 cases per day. CDC issuing new guidance on shared housing, including residence halls, suggesting residents do […]

  2. EOC Summary, July 2

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update July 2, 2020 Overview Large percentage of cases are asymptomatic, 27 percent in recent CO study, with about 30 percent without known contacts. No evidence of antibodies as durable or long lasting, so may not confer long-term immunity, raising questions about herd immunity and vaccine effectiveness. CDC has new guidance […]

  3. EOC Summary, June 29

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 29, 2020 Overview There are now 10 million cases globally, with the 7-day average of new cases 15 percent higher than April peak. CDC estimates that for every confirmed case there are 10 others that are asymptomatic. In Wisconsin, a recent day showed 7.1 percent of those tested were […]

  4. EOC Summary, June 25

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 25, 2020  Overview 150,000 new cases per day globally. Overall, Europe doing better in controlling outbreak. In U.S., 14-day change in cases is up 47 percent compared to a couple of weeks ago. Texas has paused its reopening, and ICUs in Houston are at capacity. More than half of […]

  5. EOC Summary, June 22

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 22, 2020  Overview 9 million cases worldwide. Germany considering new movement restrictions. Study with sewage samples in Italy shows presence of virus dating two months prior to positive tests there. In the U.S., cases increasing in the south and southwest, particularly among 20-39 year olds; also resulting in decrease […]

  6. EOC Summary, June 17

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 17, 2020  Overview Vaccine progress is gradually moving. CDC asked each state to stand up a committee to determine how vaccines will be distributed in the state as there will be a limited supply. Lancet study suggesting a meter of social distance is good, two meters is better. Mask […]

  7. EOC Summary, June 15

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 15, 2020  Overview Beijing now seeing a cluster of cases after a long period without them. The FDA has revoked the emergency use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, indicating the drugs are unlikely to be effective and citing potentially severe side effects. A recent study showed 14 percent of COVID […]

  8. EOC Summary, June 12

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 12, 2020  Overview India now has the fourth largest number of cases in the world; watching southern and western Africa. CDC has released a survey about physical distancing. Wisconsin, Ohio health leaders no longer in positions. Dane County announced it is moving to phase II on Monday. State of […]

  9. EOC Summary, June 10

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 10, 2020  Overview WHO walked back statement suggesting limited transmission by asymptomatic carriers, and offering mixed messages on mask use. Study on “superspreader” event in Germany shows ease of spread; expect limits on large gatherings for a while. Nature paper on physical distancing in six countries estimates the practice […]

  10. EOC Summary, June 8

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 8, 2020  Overview Asymptomatic individuals play significant role in spreading, as much as 30% of the infections occur via asymptomatic people. Formal statement from WHO stating that masks should be routine in any public place. Worldwide diagnosing 100,000 new cases each day, with 7 million cases and 400,000 deaths. […]

  11. EOC Summary, June 5

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 5, 2020  Overview Hydroxychloroquine studies restarting based on misinterpretation of papers. Sweden, where social distancing was not in place, has highest per capita death rate in the world. Spread continues in India, Brazil and other countries. In the US, more testing shows positive cases stabilizing at 5 percent and […]

  12. EOC Summary, June 3

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 3, 2020  Overview Wisconsin DHS reporting that all staff and inmates at prisons are being tested and National Guard is conducting testing across the state. Local public health will determine whether to do investigations of facilities, depending upon resources. State EOC: PPE delivered to campuses. Travel:  FAQ’s on visa […]

  13. EOC Summary, June 1

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update June 1, 2020  Overview Russia reports it has found a promising drug and is fast-tracking for approval. Brazil case counts continue to spike. Around world, higher altitude areas seeing fewer positive cases. West Point class brought back to campus for graduation; all cadets tested, and 1.5% are positive and are […]

  14. EOC Summary, May 29

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update May 29, 2020  Overview Six million cases internationally, with severe increases in Brazil and Russia. President Trump announced U.S. is pulling out of WHO and eliminating funding. Nationally, 1,100 deaths daily on three-day rolling average, not as high as peak but had dropped to about 600. About 60,000 health care […]

  15. EOC Summary, May 27

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update May 27, 2020  Overview WHO has designated the Americas as the driving force for the pandemic, with Brazil second behind the U.S. in the number of cases. The case count in Wisconsin increased significantly with 601 new cases. Hospitals are planning for an increase of bed use in next 7-10 […]

  16. EOC Summary, May 20

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update May 20, 2020  Overview WHO reported more cases in last 24 hours than any single day previously, 106,000, with concern growing for poor countries. Concerns how Florida and Georgia are reporting cases. Ventilators may prove more effective than previously thought; also steroids may help recovery. More evidence of ‘superspreader’ events; […]

  17. EOC Summary, May 18

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update May 18, 2020  Overview Vaccination rates among youth continue to tumble, raising questions about in-person classes in schools this fall. Also seeing more post-infectious inflammatory disorders in children, including COVID toes and symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease. Brazil expected to be global hotspot as virus spreading rapidly due to lack […]

  18. Student Financial Aid, U.S. Department of Education Update

    “The Department appreciates that postsecondary institutions and their students face continued challenges resulting from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. This guidance provides updated information that expands upon the Department’s March 5, 2020 and April 3, 2020 guidance. Here, we provide additional regulatory flexibilities due to the President’s declaration of a national emergency due to […]

  19. EOC Summary, May 15

    UW System Coronavirus/COVID-19 EOC Update May 15, 2020  Overview There has been an uptick in WI cases over the past three days, possibly a combination of increased virus spread and/or expanded testing. Counties are rescinding the orders they had put into place after the Safer at Home order was struck down, including Kenosha, Brown and […]

  20. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update, May 14

    UW System President Ray Cross Memo “Here are the latest updates regarding the UW System’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” –UW System President Ray Cross Read the memo: , Topics: Listening sessions for UW Shared Governance leaders on the UW System Blueprint Supreme Court Decision regarding “Safer at Home” Emergency Order Updated letter to Wisconsin’s […]