Define Information Technology Governance

Information services is among the most critical functions for an institution as expansive and varied as UW System. As part of this initiative, the role, charter and strategic priorities of UW System’s Chief Information Officer Council have been updated to reflect new challenges arising from rapid changes in information technology, as well as new demands created by the UW System Restructuring Project.

Information Security Improvements

Against a backdrop of increasingly frequent and sophisticated attacks on UW System servers, this project responds to a growing need to improve protection of sensitive information and data for a wide range of stakeholders, both inside and outside UW System Institutions.  Topics of focus include:

  • Improving and standardizing information security policies
  • Developing short and long-term information security plans
  • Increasing information monitoring and automated responses

In March 2017, Katherine Mayer was hired as UW System Administration’s first-ever Associate Vice President of Information Security to begin shepherding these initiatives. Mayer has already begun to expand information security staffing.

Standardize Data Definitions and Policies

Having a common, system-wide process for the classification and management of common data is critical for an expansive organization such as UW System. Earlier this year, a Data Management Council, comprised of representatives from across the enterprise, was created to determine related policies and develop streamlined processes. This effort will enable improved information security and support more accurate and robust reporting for improved transparency. It aligns with the CORE principles of Business Process Standardization and Transformational Change.

Develop a Cloud Road Map

In July 2018, UW System Administration contracted with Huron Consulting to develop a cloud road map for its shared financial and human resources systems. That road map identified several business processes that are well suited to cloud-based migration and mapped out a long-term strategy to guide UW System into a fully functional cloud-based environment.

This approach offers several advantages, including:

  • Elimination of expensive and inefficient shadow systems
  • Integrated systems that facilitate access to enhanced and accurate data reporting
  • Standardized business processes

The overall goal is empowering employees with technology that also meets and addresses UW System’s business needs. At the February 2019 Board of Regents meeting, a potential timeline will be presented that outlines the planning and implementation process.

Implement a System-Wide Digital Strategy

Steven Hopper, the Associate Vice President for the Office of Learning and Information Technology Services (OLITS), has been charged with collaboratively developing a comprehensive digital strategy to support 2020FWD and the mission of the UW System and its institutions.  This strategy will align enterprise technology priorities across the UW System to guide the subsequent road maps, projects and enterprise digital investments.  This strategy will also guide the information technology efforts related to the new University of Wisconsin Shared Services unit.

The strategy will focus around enterprise thinking. This encompasses the principles, vision, goals and process by which the UW System decides which value-added digital capabilities should be done as a cohesive enterprise to maximize scale/efficiency and those that should be done locally at each institution to maximize customer experience and differentiation.  The initial strategy will be established by February 2019 and will be continuously adapted and integrated into the culture of the UW System.  As such, the digital strategy represents a mindset and an approach to continuously addressing challenges and not a single project with an end date.




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