Why is UW System undertaking CORE?

The best and most successful organizations are constantly looking for ways to use their resources in more efficient ways. Despite the percentage of UW System’s annual budget spent on administrative costs routinely being one of the best in the country when compared to similar institutions, we’re keenly aware we can always do better. CORE is a thoughtful and strategic way to accomplish that goal.

Is CORE just about saving money?

While reducing institutional costs through standardizing our business practices is a projected outcome of many of CORE’s initiatives, it’s not the primary motivation. Our most important goal as an organization is to keep a UW education affordable for as many Wisconsin students and families as possible. Using our resources efficiently and effectively supports that.

Will CORE involve layoffs?

CORE is about standardizing and improving business processes across the enterprise to realize resource efficiencies, not workforce reduction. Instead, improved processes such as an electronic procurement automation system and a new budgeting tool that allows us to predict expenses will mean our current employees will be able to use the time saved from these improvements to learn new skills and perform other tasks.

How does CORE relate to Restructuring?

On July 1, 2018, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) approved UW System’s plans to restructure UW Colleges and UW Extension, converting UW System’s 13 two-year campuses into branch campuses of its 4-year universities (now known as “receiving institutions.”) That system-wide reorganization both focuses and paves the way for many of CORE’s specific initiatives.

How does CORE relate to UW-Shared Services (UWSS)?

In the wake of HLC approval of the Restructuring Project, UW System created UW-Shared Services (UWSS). UWSS is a separate unit from UW System Administration that will provide a gradually increasing number of procurement, information technology and human resources services to the UW System campuses and UW System Administration. UW-Shared Services will become the greatest example of CORE’s goal to improve results through efficiencies and effectiveness, including improved information, process standardization, effective technologies, reduced duplication and consolidation of support services.

When will CORE be completed?

The various initiatives housed under CORE are operating under very different timelines.  Some CORE initiatives, like the installation of VOIP phones for all UW System Administration employees, the creation of a leasing and purchasing function for UW real estate and the formation of a UW System-wide Data Management Council have already been completed. Other initiatives remain in their planning stages. The general expectation is that all CORE initiatives will be completed by the end of 2020.




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