Create a Program for UW-Managed Projects

Beginning in 2015, the Wisconsin State Legislature granted UW System the authority to design and construct capital projects funded specifically through gift and grant dollars. UW System’s Capital Planning and Budget Office is in the process of creating/documenting a set of policies and procedures that detail the process through which  these UW-managed projects can consistently be completed on time and on budget, allowing for significant resource reallocation. The project also includes the development of  training and toolsets for UW System Institutions.

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Establish Real Estate and Leasing Function

The Legislature also granted UW System the authority to manage the purchase and leasing of real estate, with the exception of student housing, within proscribed limits. Between 2015 and 2016, the Capital Planning and Budget Office developed a set of policies that allows UWSA to manage these functions while serving as responsible stewards of the Board of Regents. This project also includes the creation a standardized set of financial assistance plans (FAPs) for UW System Institutions to use in the leasing and sale of real estate, standardizing a key business process.

Evaluate Options for Lease Consolidation

In the Madison area, UW System Administration offices are spread over seven different buildings, each of which has its own specific lease. Efforts are currently underway to assess the impact of new space needs created by the recently approved UW Colleges and Extension Restructuring Project–multiple units formerly housed in UW Extension transferred to UW System Administration–and possible space and cost-savings solutions to address those needs.

Study Standardization of Other Specific Functions

This project involves the standardization of multiple facilities-based functions, including records management, reporting and capital planning. This aligns with business process standardization.

Northwest Regional Facilities Study

Completed in early 2018, the Northwest Regional Facilities Study identified a set of specific projects designed to pilot the concept of regionalized service delivery at three UW System campuses in the northwest part of Wisconsin: UW-Stout, UW-River Falls and UW-Eau Claire. Those projects involve the creation of the following:

  • A regional staffing model for heating plants on those campuses
  • A Center of Excellence (COE) for purchasing services in the region
  • A Center of Excellence (COE) for additional facilities-related administrative functions in the region, including lease consolidation and reporting

Planning discussions have begun on the first item, while the other two are likely to be impacted by UW System’s commitment to its new University Shared Services unit.


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