What is CORE?

Launched in 2015 by UW System President Raymond Cross, the Commitment to Operational Reform and Excellence (CORE) is an ongoing, multilayered effort to standardize and improve UW System’s business processes. The central goal is to effectively and efficiently use our resources to keep a UW education available and affordable to students and families.  For many years, the percentage of UW System’s annual budget devoted to administrative costs has been significantly below the national average, but we remain committed to identifying ways to lower it even further, through the use of innovative business practices.

CORE, a key part of UW System’s 2020 Forward Strategic Framework,  is based on a set of four guiding principles:

  • Business process standardization
  • Facilitating partnerships
  • Reallocation and reinvestment of resources
  • Transformational change

CORE is also focused on six strategic operational areas of our enterprise—administrative services, budget, capital planning and budget, financial administration, human resources and information technology.

In conjunction with the UW Colleges and UW-Extension Restructuring Project, CORE is positioning the organization for future success in a rapidly changing economic landscape.

There are currently dozens of projects underway under the CORE umbrella. These include the installation of an automated electronic procurement system and the merger of different teams of information technology staffs to the use of electronic tools to assist employees with questions about their benefits and a groundbreaking new budget forecasting system. Together, they define the scope of an effort dedicated to making a UW education accessible and affordable to as many students as possible.

Recent Updates

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  • First Phase of Plan UW Goes Live

    Plan UW, the new planning and budget cloud service the UW System Administration Budget and Planning Office has adopted as part of CORE, officially went live on December 17, 2018, […]