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Sys Policy 625, Youth Protection and Compliance


Over the next several months campuses will develop their institutional policies and procedures. The Office of Compliance and Integrity will continue to support campuses implement the requirements of this policy. We plan to continue to gather feedback, provide training, offer templates, work with stakeholders across system to find solutions, advocate for the importance of this work and communicate regularly.

We encourage campuses to share best practices along this journey. We understand it is a change in the way we have operated and will require the next several months to update practices to meet the requirements of SYS 625, Youth Protection and Compliance which takes effect March 1, 2023.

Thank you in advance for all of your efforts in keeping youth safe on our campuses.

Preparing for Youth Activities

Rosters, templates, checklists


Youth Activities Registration System

Registration Tools

Currently UW-System has funded the creation and implementation of the Youth Activity Registration System (YARS). This is a compliance documentation application that allows campuses to document which youth and activities are on their campus, and which adults are responsible. This application also documents compliance requirements like supervision plans, emergency plans, and orientation documents. 


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Camp Doc is a youth participant registration system which is HIPPAA compliant to allow for safe storage and documentation of participant medical needs and has symptom tracking capabilities. Additional features include tracking attendance and authorizations for individuals who can pick up participants.

No, however campuses are expected to centrally register all youth activities and provide documentation to UW System Offices of Internal Audit, Human Recourses, and Compliance and Integrity upon request. YARS is designed for future automated integration with other platforms such as CampDoc.