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Returning Youth to Campuses Post Covid-19 Closures

January 19, 2021

Learn more about bringing youth back to campuses post Covid-19.

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UW System institutions offer hundreds of academic and recreational pre-college programs and activities to youth ages 5-18, such as college and career exploration, academic skill-building, and academic and personal enrichment in the arts, sports, leadership, and STEM. The goal of the Office of Compliance is to ensure each institution has the proper protections to provide a safe environment for minors that participate in pre-college and youth programs on our campuses, as well, providing training so that all UW System employees understand how to report child abuse and neglect if they observe or learn of an incident.

The UW System Office of Compliance and Integrity works to help each institution ensure they have the proper protections to provide a safe environment for minors on our campuses. We support youth programs by

  • sharing expertise on youth protection policies and best practices;
  • providing guidance on establishing and enforcing specific processes for programs to meet youth protection standards;
  • offering youth protection training and professional development for program staff, administrators, and other adult leaders of youth programs.

Precollege Program and Youth Activity Data and Policy Project

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Report Child Abuse

What is child abuse and when to report?