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Mark Schroeder
Early Math Placement Tool Coordinator
UW Center for Placement Testing

This webinar focuses on the Early Math Placement Tool (EMPT) Program.  The EMPT Program is a partnership of the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and Wisconsin High Schools, with funding provided by the State of Wisconsin. It is designed to allow high school students to see how ready they are to pursue math courses at the post-secondary level, since each major at every post-secondary institution in the state has some mathematics requirement. The EMPT uses test items that have been retired from University of Wisconsin Mathematics Placement Test (UWMPT) use, which allows it to be equated to the UWMPT. Students who take the test can find out what level of mathematics their current preparation places them into at University of Wisconsin System campuses as well as at all institutions in the Wisconsin Technical College System. Attendees of the webinar will learn how to utilize the EMPT with high school students and hear best practices on how teachers have integrated the EMPT into the curriculum.  EMPT users will have access to a number of resources such as item analysis reports, individual student reports, and a reference guide that displays math requirements for every major in the UW System and WTCS to effectively assist students in planning their future coursework.

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