CollegeRedinessUniversity of Wisconsin System provides the presentations from four College Readiness Webinars.  The purpose of these webinar slides is to provide information to high school teachers, counselors, principals, and others on enhancing college readiness and reducing the need for developmental education among Wisconsin students.  While outcomes shared below regarding the Early Math Placement Tool and Senior Year Math have remained consistent early on, the impact of recent changes to the Math Placement Test scores has not yet been measured.  After the next multi-year collection of data and subsequent analysis, the information will be updated.

The complete list of previous UW System College Readiness Webinars is listed below along with a brief explanation of the content of the webinar.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Wisconsin System College Readiness Webinars.

Early Math Placement Tool (EMPT): Preparing Students for College-Level Mathematics

View the recording of the EMPT webinar.

EMPT Slides pptx


Mark Schroeder
Early Math Placement Tool Coordinator
UW Center for Placement Testing

This webinar focuses on the Early Math Placement Tool (EMPT) Program.  The EMPT Program is a partnership of the University of Wisconsin System, the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and Wisconsin High Schools, with funding provided by the State of Wisconsin. It is designed to allow high school students to see how ready they are to pursue math courses at the post-secondary level, since each major at every post-secondary institution in the state has some mathematics requirement. The EMPT uses test items that have been retired from University of Wisconsin Mathematics Placement Test (UWMPT) use, which allows it to be equated to the UWMPT. Students who take the test can find out what level of mathematics their current preparation places them into at University of Wisconsin System campuses as well as at all institutions in the Wisconsin Technical College System. Attendees of the webinar will learn how to utilize the EMPT with high school students and hear best practices on how teachers have integrated the EMPT into the curriculum.  EMPT users will have access to a number of resources such as item analysis reports, individual student reports, and a reference guide that displays math requirements for every major in the UW System and WTCS to effectively assist students in planning their future coursework.

Senior Year Math

View the Senior Year Math webinar.

Senior Math Slides pdf


Sonya Sedivy, PhD
Associate Scientist
UW Center for Placement Testing

How important is it that students take math as seniors?  UW Center for Placement Testing staff will report on a new study looking at the effect of senior year on student’s course placement. Participants will learn how taking (or not taking) math during one’s senior year may affect placement into math courses at the University level and about the value of senior year mathematics. In addition, differences in placement based on highest level of math course will be addressed.

Senior Year English

View the Senior Year English webinar.

Senior Year English Slides pptx


English faculty from UW System campuses

We know that all students take English as seniors, but what should students be learning in that senior year English course to best prepare them for the rigors of college?  Presentation will focus on the most valuable language skills for incoming freshmen, the value of focusing senior-year classes on composition for different audiences and reading (though not necessarily literature), and plagiarism. Participants will hear about the expectations UW faculty have for incoming freshmen and about various initiatives and resources to help students transition into college-level composition courses.


View the Admissions webinar.

Admissions Slides pptx


Brian Troyer, Director of Admissions at UW-Milwaukee and Troy Moldenhauer, Director of Admissions at UW-Parkside will provide an admissions perspective on college readiness.

High school faculty and staff prepare students to graduate with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college.  What are those skills?  How are they evaluated in an application for admission and a high school transcript?  What’s important for an admissions officer to see in an application for admission?  What resources are available to you and your students?

Co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction