With the passage of 2015 Wisconsin Act 55, the authority to lease real property, for use other than housing, was transferred to University of Wisconsin System Administration.  This authority was then delegated to the Office of Capital Planning and Budget, which is responsible for leasing all real property for the thirteen university institutions and thirteen two-year degree colleges.

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    • Advisory Services for the Development of Real Property

      Located The University of Wisconsin System is seeking a consultant(s) to provide a wide range of advisory services to assist in the identification of real estate development opportunities. The ideal proposer will be a firm or firms with proven experience in structuring and assessing real property development opportunities for higher education institutions. Experience must include feasibility analysis, determining partnership options, financial analysis, valuation comparison between investment scenarios, and assessment of a variety of real estate development opportunities that may be unique to higher education. The chosen firm will have experience in advising higher education institutions with the development of a variety of uses including student housing, specialized athletic facilities such as an artificial turf fieldhouse, and/or mixed-use commercial projects.

    • The proposer must be aware that the selected advisory firm will not be eligible to compete for the award of the real estate development or participate in any of the partnership opportunities that could develop within the selected projects
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