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An easement is the right to use the real property of another for a specific purpose. The Board of Regents (BOR) uses the easement instrument to permit use of University of Wisconsin land by another party. Per Regent Policy 13-2,  the board authorized BOR officers, by practice the Vice President of Administration, to sign easements on its behalf for any properties within campus boundaries.


To effect an easement institutions should prepare, assemble, and submit to CPB the following documents:

  • A Certified Survey Map (CSM) and a metes and bounds description of the easement area.
  • A property map indicating BOR ownership Pertinent correspondence and other information
  • Original of the proposed easement document
  • If applicable, notice of §6(f) LAWCON (Land and Water Conservation Fund Act ) conflict
  • [Agency Request] (for easements requiring BOR approval)

UWSA CPB and legal counsel will review the documents to verify that the description is correct, and the easement conditions are in the best interests of the regents Using the [Agency Request], UWSA CPB will obtain necessary BOR approval

Agency Request (SBC) Template
Agency Request for State Building Commission (SBC) Action

Description:  Request for State Building Commission action regarding various capital project and planning aspects, including approval of design reports; authorizations to plan, construct, raze or demolish, and adjust scope and/or budgets; grant easements; enter lease and land transactions; and accept of gifts in-kind.

Purpose:  Describes the project intent, scope, justification, background, budget, schedule, and previous project-related State Building Commission action. The content of the request should closely match the original capital budget request document.

Audience:  State Building Commission, Division of Facilities Development and Management, UW System Administration.

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