Campus Boundary Changes

Campus planning boundaries are a planning tool that includes property which is currently owned by the Board of Regents (BOR), as well as property that the institution would like to acquire if there were a willing seller. As discussed under Property Acquisition and Disposal, it may be advantageous for an institution to acquire additional parcels. Typically, the master planning process will identify such property, but ongoing knowledge of local conditions may also identify parcels that sellers would be willing to sell and the university would consider buying. Campus planning boundaries should be extended to include property that would be advantageous for the institution to acquire, or contracted to eliminate property that is no longer feasible or advantageous to acquire. Modification of campus planning boundaries requires BOR approval. Having BOR-approved boundaries allows the acquisition of properties within the boundaries without BOR approval. If property is acquired outside of a campus planning boundary, approval of the purchase by the BOR will also require that the campus planning boundary be modified to reflect acquisition of the property. Campus planning boundaries are a public record, and announce to potential owners the university’s intent to acquire property. Therefore, significant changes in campus boundaries should be discussed with host community leaders prior to requesting BOR approval of those changes.

Naming Facilities

The Board of Regents is responsible for the physical assets of the UW System and for considering requests to name an entire building.  It is the preference of the Board of Regents to commemorate individuals’ contributions to academic excellence through the naming of scholarships, programs, professorships, and other similar actions.  However, the Board recognizes that, from time to time, there may be a desire to name university facilities or portions of the university’s buildings or land after an individual or individuals.

Naming of an entire building is subject to prior approval by the Board of Regents.  A request to name or dedicate a building shall be made by the chancellor of the institution. A chancellor shall submit support for such a request, demonstrating consideration of the factors included in Regent Policy 19-14, to the UW System Office of Capital Planning and Budget for review.  Any proposed naming agreement shall also be reviewed by the UW System Office of General Counsel.

Please see details of Regent Policy 19-14  for further information about building naming requirements.