The State of Wisconsin Legislature and the Executive Branch place a high value on long-range planning for state agency and educational facilities. Per the Wisconsin Statutes, providing the facilities necessary for state agencies and educational institutions to properly perform their duties should be accomplished within a long-range plan with funding provided by successive legislatures. § 13.48(1)

Biennially, each state agency is required to submit a capital budget request within the context of a long-range plan to the Department of Administration. The UW System process for developing its Capital Budget and long-range plan recommendations is based on planning models common throughout higher education. UW System long-range planning identifies building conditions, program needs, space adequacy, and utilization; evaluates alternatives and prioritizes space and program needs; and documents the six-year capital plans per UW institution.

 2019-2025 CAPITAL Plan


  2017-2023 CAPITAL PLAN


2019-21 Enumerated Projects

The funding enumerated in 2019 Wisconsin Act 9 will provide the following:

  • Repair, renovation, or replacement of obsolete and aging facilities
  • Construction of STEM facilities to expand STEM education
  • Upgrades to aged utility systems
  • Upgrades to classrooms and instructional labs to meet current standards
  • Residence hall renovations to improve student housing
  • Planning for future projects


 1.1SYSAll Agency Projects Program Funding$219,140,500$168,596,300$50,544,200$0$0$0
1.2SYSMinor Facilities Renewal - Group I    *$30,000,000$22,000,000$8,000,000$0$0$0
1.3SYSMinor Facilities Renewal - Group II   *$30,000,000$24,000,000$6,000,000$0$0$0
1.4SYSMinor Facilities Renewal - Group III  *$30,000,000$26,000,000$4,000,000$0$0$0
 2SYSInstructional Space Projects Program Funding **$31,689,000  $31,689,000$0$0$0$0
 3MILChemistry Bldg/Utilities Extension$129,535,000$129,535,000$0$0$0$0
4.1EAUUpper/Lower Campus Steam Utility Repl$19,767,000$11,663,000$8,104,000$0$0$0
4.2MSNBascom Hill/Lathrop Dr Utility Repl, Ph II$20,076,000$14,660,000$5,416,000$0$0$0
4.3WTWHeating Plant Boilers Fuel Retrofit$6,937,000$3,954,000$2,983,000$0$0$0
4.4OSHHeating Plant Chiller/Cooling Tower Repl$3,465,000$2,495,000$970,000$0$0$0
4.5EAULower Campus Chiller/Cooling Tower Repl$3,764,000$2,785,000$979,000$0$0$0
 5PKSCampus Fire Alarm System Renovation$6,773,000$5,554,000$1,219,000$0$0$0
 6STOSouth Hall Addition & Renovation$35,015,000$0$35,015,000$0$0$0
 7MILStudent Union Renovation$40,723,000$0$35,000,000$5,723,000$0$0
 8MSNSellery Hall Addition & Renovation$78,811,000$0$59,108,000$19,703,000$0$0
10MSNVeterinary Medicine Addition & Renovation$128,103,000$90,103,000$0$0$38,000,000$0
12LACGraff Main Hall HVAC System Renovation$13,822,000$13,822,000$0$0$0$0
14EAUScience/Health Science Building, Ph I$109,000,000$93,250,000$0$2,041,000$13,709,000$0
15MSNGymnasium Natatorium Replacement$126,391,000$0$91,991,000$0$34,400,000$0
16LACFieldhouse & Soccer Support Facility$49,035,000$0$24,517,500$24,517,500$0$0
17MSNKohl Center Addition & Renovation$48,074,000$0$33,974,000$4,100,000$10,000,000$0
19MSNCamp Randall Stadium Renov/Field House$77,646,000$0$68,046,000$6,600,000$3,000,000$0
20MILKlotsche Center Annex Addition$7,000,000$0$0$7,000,000$0$0
21RVFScience & Technology Innovation Center$2,000,000$0$0$0$0$2,000,000
22EAUScience/Health Science Building, Ph II$1,000,000$0$0$0$0$1,000,000
23MILEngineering Building/Central Utilities Extension$500,000$0$0$0$0$500,000
24MSNEngineering Building$500,000$0$0$0$0$500,000
25WTWWinther Hall Addition & Renovation$500,000$0$0$0$0$500,000
27OSHNursing/Education Building, Phase II$500,000$0$0$0$0$500,000
  2019-21 ENUMERATIONS TOTAL$1,249,766,500$640,106,300$435,866,700$69,684,500$99,109,000$5,000,000

 * 2019-21 Minor Facilities Renewal Program GroupS

1.2  MINOR FACILITIES RENEWAL GROUP I$30,000,000$22,000,000$8,000,000
1.2.1FM&RMSNMulti-Bldg Fire Alarm Sys Repl & Renov, Ph 8   
1.2.2UR&RMSNFluno Center Plaza Deck Waterproofing & Repair   
1.2.3FM&RGBYMary Ann Cofrin Hall/Wood Exterior Envelope Repair   
1.2.4UR&RSTOSite Utility Steam Distrib Sys Box Conduit Replacement   
1.2.5FM&RMILEngineering Math Sci Bldg MEP Infrastructure Renovation   
1.3  MINOR FACILITIES RENEWAL GROUP II$30,000,000$24,000,000$6,000,000
1.3.1FM&RMSNMulti-Building Sprinkler System Retrofit & Renovation   
1.3.2UR&RMSNSite Utility Steam Distrib Pit 4/13-79/12 Replacement   
1.3.3UR&RMSNSite Utility Steam Distrib Pit 59/10-Ag Bulletin/Soils/King Repl   
1.3.4UR&RMSNSite Utility Electrical Distrib System Renov & Replacement   
1.3.5FM&RMILMitchell Hall Ext Envelope Repair & Ext Window Repl   
1.4  MINOR FACILITIES RENEWAL GROUP III$30,000,000$26,000,000$4,000,000
1.4.1FM&RMSNMulti-Building Elevator Renovation & Replacement   
1.4.2FM&RMILMulti-Building Exterior Envelope Repair   
1.4.3FM&RMSNMulti-Building Exterior Envelope Repair   
1.4.4FM&RPLTKarmann Library HVAC System Renov/Skylight Replacement   
1.4.5FM&ROSHGruenhagen Hall Plumbing Riser Replacement   
1.4.6FM&RPLTOttensman Hall Central Chilled Water Plant Expansion   
1.4.7FM&RWTWMcGraw Hall Exterior Entrance Repair   

 * *  2019-21 instructional space program projects

2.1WTWCenter for the Arts Sculpture Lab Renov$3,001,000
2.2GBYInstructional Services Electrical Engineering Tech Lab Renov$5,763,500
2.3LAXMitchell Hall Physical Education Lab Renov$6,037,500
2.4OSHSwart Hall Forensics Anthropology Lab & Classroom Renov$1,512,500
2.5EAUHaas Fine Arts Music Large Ensemble & Practice Rooms Renov$6,743,500
2.6OSHArts & Communication Music Practice Rooms Acoustic Renov$1,779,000
2.7MSNAgricultural Hall 125 Classroom Renov$3,144,000
2.8MILHolton Hall G80 Active Learning Classroom Renov$689,000
2.9STOFryklund Hall Apparel Labs Renov$3,019,000