Monday October 8, 2018


TITLE: UWBI Institution Support Model

DATE: Friday October 5, 2018

On Friday October 5th, the UWBI Team announced a newly revised support model. The model describes a more detailed process and workflow when an institutional UWBI end user makes the initial request for assistance. The end user will contact their institutional support contact providing feedback, and then the institutional support contact will gather the end users name and contact information for documentation prior to getting routed to the Service Center Help Desk. The Service Center Help Desk will then create a ticket for easy tracking. This makes for a more efficient and quick resolution process where the Subject Matter Expert (SME)/Central Support can contact and gather additional items directly from the end user without having to route back down the chain.

Support assistance will be available to assist end users with routing enhancement requests, merge-catalog requests, report enhancements, security, system errors, technical-data errors, technical-report errors, and training requests making assistance easier and faster.

To find out where you should go to get UWBI Support at your institution; go to our Support webpage and scroll-down to the Institution Support Contacts Table.