1. It’s not quite CSI, but state crime lab is rewarding work for UWM chemistry alum

    Photo of UWM chemistry alumna Lexie Lanphere, who is a controlled substance analyst at the Wisconsin State Crime Lab. Her job is to analyze evidence for the presence of substances restricted by state law. (Photo courtesy of Lexie Lanphere)

    It might be a small bag of white powder found on the floor of a suspect’s car. It might be some residue left on a dirty spoon in someone’s pocket. It could be a container of pills passed around at a nightclub. Whatever form the substance takes, it’s Lexie Lanphere’s job to find out what […]

  2. Fast Forward: UW-Stout to develop model cybersecurity internship program with $299,000 System, state grant

    Photo of Professor Holly Yuan, center, who is the cybersecurity center director at UW-Stout. / UW-Stout

    University’s leadership in the field will help address a critical workforce need in Wisconsin A cybersecurity internship grant addressing the needs of the Wisconsin’s critical infrastructure utilities has been awarded to UW-Stout, a higher education leader in the field. The $298,771 Fast Forward grant from the state Department of Workforce Development and University of Wisconsin […]

  3. UW-Platteville student presents research on shifting cybersecurity ‘social engineering’

    Photo of UW-Platteville Richland student Justin Yeung has designed research to test the effectiveness of different social engineering techniques hackers are using.

    Maintaining the edge on hackers requires regularly shifting to new ideas and innovative cybersecurity techniques. Misled or deceived end-users have long been the easiest hack to make to get data flowing down the wrong path, as the growing stream of ever-evolving deceptive emails (i.e. “phishing”) asking users to click on unknown links or fill out unexpected […]

  4. Challenge champions: UWL Eagle Battalion emerges victorious in Northern Warfare Challenge

    Photo of cadets who completed several challenges at Fort McCoy — rifle marksmanship, knot-tying, treatment of a hypothermic casualty and fire-starting — before ending with a 17-mile ruck march through La Crosse’s Hixon Forest trail system.

    The Eagle Battalion at UW-La Crosse outpaced 45 other teams to claim victory in the Northern Warfare Challenge Feb. 24 and 25. Teams from throughout the Midwest traveled to the Coulee Region to compete in what organizers describe as “the hardest race in ROTC.” This year’s event began with several challenges at Fort McCoy — […]

  5. When hurricanes threaten, national media turn to UWM prof’s website

    Photo of Clark Evans, professor of atmospheric science in the School of Freshwater Sciences, who maintains a website that translates meteorological data into an accessible format so that it can be used to create maps. The graphics are also available every six hours through a Twitter account that is linked to the storm data. (UWM Photo Services)

    As hurricanes loomed over the southeast United States, both the Washington Post and the New York Times consulted a database on a UWM professor’s website for information on these storms, past and present. What were they looking for that they couldn’t get from NOAA’s National Hurricane Center? Clark Evans, a UWM professor of atmospheric science, […]

  6. UW-Stout professor among ‘strong community of women’ leading the way in cybersecurity

    Photo of Professor Holly Yuan showing female CNIT students computer servers in a lab in Micheels Hall. / UW-Stout

    Professor Yuan introduces program’s hands-on approach, encourages students to apply for Department of Defense scholarship During national Cybersecurity Awareness Month, UW-Stout cybersecurity faculty and students represented the university on panel discussions and explored the growing dynamics and diversity in the field. Holly Yuan, program director of computer networking and information technology, represented UW-Stout on a […]

  7. UW-Platteville wraps up inaugural summer coding camps, introduces high school students to growing field

    Photo of summer coding camp participants at UW-Platteville

    The University of Wisconsin-Platteville recently wrapped up its inaugural summer coding camps and hackathon, introducing nearly 60 high school students to the rapidly expanding computer science and cybersecurity fields. The camps – focusing on computer games programming, esports, and cyber defense – were the first of their kind to be offered in the region. “We […]

  8. UW-Platteville faculty, student researchers to create microgrid cybersecurity testbed

    Photo of Dr. Yanwei Wu and Dr. Xiaoguang Ma (pictured left to right), along with Dr. Fang Yang, who will research and build a prototype of a smart microgrid testbed.

    A group of faculty and student researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville are working to contribute solutions to the increasing threat of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. With the help of the UW System Ignite Grant Program and several industry partners, including ABB Inc., UW-Platteville will soon be home to a smart microgrid cybersecurity testbed. Microgrids typically serve […]

  9. Power to the people: Three ways our nation’s electrical grid must change for a brighter future

    Photo of electrical wires

    The world is on the cusp of a renewable energy tipping point; with recent technology advances, green energy generation methods like solar and wind are on the rise. That’s great news for efforts to slow climate change and decarbonize the energy sector. But in the United States, our aging and outdated energy grid—including 200,000 miles […]

  10. New UW-Stout cybersecurity major aims to take a bite out of internet crime

    Photo of Professor Holly Yuan instructing students in a computer networking lab at UW-Stout. / UW-Stout

    Cybersecurity has become an issue of personal, national and international concern, with internet attacks harming individuals, businesses, government institutions and drawing scrutiny in U.S. elections. Americans lost $6.9 billion in cyber crime in 2021, according to the FBI. Graduates from a new program at University of Wisconsin-Stout will be ready to help. A Bachelor of […]