1. The art of the pitch — and pitching art

    Photo of Emma Siskoff, an art major from New Berlin, who said creativity is her first and foremost passion as she pursues her options after graduating from UW-Whitewater. But so, too, is entrepreneurship.

    While seemingly an unlikely mix, the arts and business can come together to create a masterpiece. University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students showcased this in two business-related pitch contests this fall. Emma Siskoff, an art major from New Berlin, said creativity is her first and foremost passion as she pursues her options after graduating from UW-Whitewater. But so, too, […]

  2. UWL grads help fuel Kwik Trip’s workforce

    Photo of UWL graduates, particularly those in the sciences, who are critical to Kwik Trip's recruiting efforts in food safety and related fields. This talent pipeline would be strengthened, Kwik Trip leaders say, through the completion of UWL's Prairie Springs Science Center.

    Science alums ‘incredibly important’ for company’s recruiting needs Kwik Trip fuels our vehicles and a large section of the Midwestern economy. The La Crosse-based company owns and operates more than 800 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan, with nearly 500 alone in Wisconsin.   But what fuels Kwik Trip? It’s the people, says Kwik Trip Vice President Steve Loehr. And […]

  3. Distinctive dress: UWL alum starts business for those with special needs

    Photo of Sarah Burch, ’10, center, started working with individuals with special needs when she volunteered at Special Olympics while attending UWL. She has created Enrich Each Other Apparel, a clothing line that provides meaningful employment opportunities and job skills training to individuals with disabilities alongside peers without disabilities.

    An athlete all her life, Sarah Burch thought about adding coaching to her teaching plans. Instead, she called an audible that not only sparked an interest in working with those with disabilities, but eventually a special clothing business to help them.  Burch started working with individuals with special needs when she volunteered at Special Olympics […]

  4. Kaiser family commits $1 million to UW-Platteville Foundation

    Photo of Teah and Corey Kaiser

    To Corey Kaiser, a 2018 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, “Midwest Nice” is more than just a slogan. “To me, ‘Midwest Nice’ means we would rather see people do well,” said Kaiser. “That’s something that has always resonated with me, whether throughout my business career or my personal life.” Kaiser and his wife, Teah, […]

  5. UWM alumna carves out a career in business and media, with an emphasis on the positive

    Photo of UW-Milwaukee alumna Nyesha Stone: Unsure about a career in traditional journalism, Nyesha Stone instead started a communications and public relations business, Carvd N Stone. “I couldn’t get the jobs I wanted, so I decided to make my own path.” (Photo courtesy of Nyesha Stone)

    When Nyesha Stone graduated from UWM in 2018 with her degree in journalism, advertising and media studies, she wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to go into traditional newspaper journalism — and jobs were scarce anyway. “It’s hard to get into traditional news sometimes, even if you have had internships and worked for local newspapers,” […]

  6. These creative problem solvers make profound contributions – and good pay

    Photo of Natasja Iversen, Oshkosh, who liked problem-solving games and math. The senior, pictured with Kurt Pflughoeft, director of the UWSP Center for Data Analytics, is majoring in data analytics for a high-demand career and great return on her educational investment.

    Natasja Iversen loved math in high school. She took a computer programming class and became interested in a career path that combined them. “I found data analytics was a happy medium,” said the senior from Oshkosh. “I always liked problem-solving games. I like to visualize how to improve a process,” Iversen said. UW-Stevens Point was […]

  7. Transformational gift to UW-River Falls for dairy plant renovation establishes Wuethrich Family/Grassland Dairy Center of Excellence

    Photo of Chancellor Maria Gallo sharing applause with Trevor Wuethrich, Grassland Dairy Products, Inc. president, during a special gathering Thursday morning in the UWRF Dairy Pilot Plant.

    Contribution brings total Wuethrich-Grassland commitment to $1 million Following a transformational gift, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Dairy Pilot Plant will now be known as the Wuethrich Family/Grassland Dairy Center of Excellence. The Wuethrich Family Foundation and Grassland Dairy Products, Inc., of Greenwood, dairy industry leaders and longtime UWRF strategic partners, announced today an additional […]

  8. UWM alum opens children’s bookstore focusing on people of color

    Photo of Ashley Valentine standing in Rooted MKE, her bookstore and tutoring center that focuses on the needs of Black, Indigenous and other people of color. “Books were kind of a haven for me. Now that I think about it, it’s sad. I was such an avid reader and had a love for reading, but I didn’t know there were books with characters who looked like me. I didn’t think people like me were capable of the things I was reading about.” (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

    When Ashley Valentine was a child, she loved to read but was disappointed that few of the characters in books looked like her. “Books were kind of a haven for me,” said Valentine, a UWM alumna who just opened her own bookstore and tutoring center, Rooted MKE, focusing the needs of Black, Indigenous and other people […]

  9. Business builder: UWL’s Michail Walker recognized for work with businesses

    Photo of Michail Walker, business consultant and outreach specialist with the UWL Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, who has been named to the 7 Rivers Alliance’s Rising Stars Under 40 list.

    He’s helped hundreds of western Wisconsin small businesses steer through the pandemic. But UW-La Crosse’s Michail Walker says he’s the one benefitting from those partnerships. “One of my favorite things about helping small businesses is learning more about creativity and innovation in the context of business,” says Walker. “Though clients may come to me for consulting, it […]

  10. UWM’s new business incubator offers free help for maturing startups

    Photo of UWM partners Brian Thompson of the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center (from left) and Lubar College Dean Kaushal Chari discussing training for startups with Matthew Friedel (right), director of the new Business Innovation Incubator that is guiding 10 startups beginning this year. (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

    “One of most difficult things you can decide to do, I think, is to start a business,” said Steve Glynn, CEO of the four-year-old startup Experience Milwaukee. “There’s a lot of trust that has to be built.” Glynn hopes to grow his venture, which produces two podcasts about the city, by joining a new business […]