Wisconsin Idea Partnership

Letter to Senator Grothman

March 30, 2011

Dear Senator Grothman,

As my senate representative for the West Bend area I am urging you to work to amend Senate Bill 27 to keep the University of Wisconsin system together and not separate out the University of Wisconsin-Madison as is currently proposed in the bill. Instead, I urge your support for an initiative known as the Wisconsin Idea Partnership, which was put forth by the Wisconsin Board of Regents, the head of the University of WisconsinSystem Dr. Kevin Reilly, and all but one of the chancellors of the University of Wisconsinsystem institutions. The Wisconsin Idea Partnership is designed to extend financial and strategic flexibility to all University of Wisconsininstitutions and keep together what is arguably the finest higher education system in the country.

Before I began teaching in theUniversity of WisconsinColleges 10 years ago, I had either taught or been a student at top ranked state institutions in Virginia, New York, and Louisiana; and I can honestly say that the University of Wisconsin system of colleges and universities is the most coherent, comprehensive, and excellent higher education system that I have ever encountered.

As is discussed in the Wisconsin Idea Partnership, the strength of the University of Wisconsinsystem education lies in its unity and overall excellence.

So in closing, I am again urging you to amend Senate Bill 27 so that it supports the passage of the Wisconsin Idea Partnership.


Christopher Hays
Associate Professor of Anthropology
University of Wisconsin-Washington County