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Solid Waste Research Program

The Solid Waste Research Program (SWRP) was established by the Wisconsin legislature in 1990. The program offers a maximum award of $30,000 and accepts applications from faculty and staff with principal investigator status at UW system campuses. Limited funding is also available for student projects.

Research Objectives

Proposals are sought for research into alternative methods of solid waste disposal, including the reduction of the amount of solid waste generated, the reuse and recycling of materials, composting, source separation and the disposal of household hazardous waste. Research proposals may consider the environmental effects of the technologies being researched and measures which could be taken to mitigate such effects. Applied research, designed to provide benefits to persons who generate solid waste and to public and private entities responsible for collection, storage, transportation, treatment or disposal of solid waste, is encouraged. Proposals are also sought for projects that will develop products or increase markets for products made from recycled materials.

Joint proposals in which industrial, business, or governmental organizations collaborate with UW System faculty or staff in addressing these issues are especially encouraged and are given special consideration. In such joint proposals, the organization is strongly encouraged to provide resources in the form of direct monetary or in-kind contributions in support of the proposed research projects.

Grant Applications

Next Deadlines

2009-2010 Student Grant Applications: October 14, 2009

2010-2011 Principal Investigator Grant Applications: February 2010


For more information please contact: Eileen Norby, (608) 262-8252

Last updated: September 10, 2009