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We envision the UW System as an academic community in which student learning is at the center of each institution's enterprise, with OPID as the central teaching and learning resource recognized and accessed by faculty and staff throughout the system. OPID will continue to grow as a national leader in faculty development and student learning initiatives.


1.  Build pedagogical content knowledge for instructors throughout the UW System.

2.  Promote a campus culture that values and rewards effective teaching and learning.

3.  Support the development and sharing of models and examples of effective teaching practices and tools across disciplines and campuses.

4.  Capitalize on existing networks within the UW System to advance the practice of teaching and enhance student learning within and across campuses.

5.  Foster classroom, campus, and scholarly climates that respond to the needs of diverse student and staff populations.

6.  Connect to, and influence, the national and international conversation about teaching and learning.

7. Have FUN!

Rev. 9/07