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OPID Conference Development (CD) Grant Program - Funded Proposals Since 1995


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For special grant cycles -- conference follow-up, etc.




Fall 2011

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Nancy Chick Virtual Teaching and Learning Center UWC VTLC Reading Circle
Colleges Central / Baraboo/Sauk County Tom Neal and Patty Wise Central Administration/ Chemistry Best Practices in Accelerated Blended Course and Program Design Conference
La Crosse Robert F. Allen and Jenni McCool Mathematics Integrating Mathematical Modeling Opportunities Across High-school and College Curriculum
La Crosse Bill Cerbin Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning UW-La Crosse 14th Annual Conference on Teaching & Learning
La Crosse Jean Janecki Modern Languages Virtual Immersion Communities

La Crosse

Marcie Wycoff-Horn School of Education Teaching All Students: A PLC

Vicki Bott

English Learning Outcomes and Assessment: Learning from Alverno College
Platteville Shenita Ray Distance Learning Center The Midwest Culturally Inclusive Conference
Platteville George E. Smith Teaching & Learning Center Formative Classroom Assessment
River Falls Kurt E. Leichtle History and Philosophy Charting A Course: No Longer Adrift
River Falls Gay Ward Teacher Education Journey Into Nature
Stout Elizabeth Buchanan Center for Applied Ethics Fostering a Culture of Academic Rigor and Integrity
Stout Xuedong (David) Ding Operations & Management Emerging Virtual Modeling Technology to Enhance Students Involvement in Critical Thinking
Stout Ana M.Q. Vande Linde Chemistry Integrating Green Chemistry into the Curriculum
Stevens Point Judith W. Bond and Lucinda J. Thayer Music Foundational Eurhythmics: Developing Artistic Sensitivity
Stevens Point Dona Warren Philosophy Critical Thinking and Civil Discourse
Superior Maria Cuzzo Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Exploring Cutting Edge Faculty Development:  Wisdom and Innovation from OPID Leaders


Spring 2011

Institution Contact Department Title
Fond du Lac Valerie Mumm and Lisa Schreibersdorf Diversity Committee Building an Inclusive Campus Workshop Series
Baraboo/Sauk County Nancy Soma Spanish, World Languages Incorporating Technology for Language Teaching and Learning:  Digital Storytelling
Eau Claire Theresa D. Kemp Women's Studies The Feminist Teacher Editorial Collective on Location (a workshop-based discussion to enhance feminist pedagogy)
Green Bay Heidi M. Sherman Humanistic Studies Globalizing the Classroom: Developing Best Practices for Teaching Middle Eastern Content
Milwaukee Yea-Fen Chen Linguistics K-16 Articulation:  Learning Objectives and Assessment
Milwaukee Tania Mertzman Habeck and Barbara J. Daley Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Outreach The University of Wisconsin System Reading Research Symposium
Parkside Fay Akindes Center for Ethnic Studies Mini-Conference on Islamophobia in Wisconsin
River Falls Erick Hofacker, Kathryn Ernie, and Robert Coffman Mathematics Delivering Effective Instruction through Online Courses
River Falls Lesa Jacobsen Music Voice Symposium
Stout Sheri Klein and Urs Haltinner School of Education Impacting Undergraduate Student Learning in Teacher Education through Film Pedagogy
Stevens Point Maureen Giblin and Patricia Ploetz Center for Academic Excellence and Student Engagement 15th Annual UWSP Teaching Conference ‘Breaking Bread:  The Power of Faculty Learning Communities’
Stevens Point David Hastings Music Artists Training Artists II:  A Collaborative Conference on Teaching and Learning Through The Arts
Stevens Point, Colleges, La Crosse, UWSA

Nerissa Nelson, Holly Hassel, Deb Hoskins, and Helen Klebesadel

Departments & Programs of Women's Studies Best Practices in Teaching Intro to Women's Studies:  Threshold Concepts, Shared Learning Objectives, Desired Outcomes, and Integrated Assessment Strategies

James Winship

Social Work Digital Storytelling in te College Classroom: Lessions Learned
Whitewater Stanley Smoniewski College of Education Technology Workshop:  Preparing Faculty and Academic Staff to Use Educational Technology Effectively

Jeff Herriott

Music and Communication Music in the Computer Era:  Incorporating Technology into Musical Performance



Fall 2010

Institution Contact Department Title
Manitowoc / Baraboo/Sauk County Caroline Geary / Tom Neal Chemistry The 4th Annual Best Practices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Teaching Conference
Fox Valley William Gillard / Jane Oitzinger English Wisconsin College English Association First Annual Conference
Waukesha Ellyn Lem English Learning from the Odyssey Project: Exploring How to Extend UW-Madison's Initiative to Waukesha's Campus and Community
La Crosse Barbara Bennie / Theodore Wendt Mathematics Mathematical Modeling Contests: Recruiting and Preparing Teams and Improving Student Learning Outcomes
La Crosse Deborah Buffton History We the Peoples: An International Conference on Human Rights
Madison Jeffrey Henriques / Nicholas Balster UW Teaching Academy UW Teaching Academy Fall Kickoff - Teaching that Matters
Madison Nathan Valentine, M.D. School of Medicine and Public Health Incorporating academic career skills and the art of teaching into psychiatric residency training
Platteville Tim Zauche Chemistry & Engineering Physics Annual Meeting of the UW-System Chemistry Faculties: Enhancing the scholarship of teaching and learning of Chemistry
River Falls Tricia Davis Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice "Teaching for Learning: What Every College Teacher Should Know," A Joint Conference and Workshop of the Wisconsin Sociological Association and the Wisconsin Political Science Association
Stevens Point

Dona Warren

Philosophy Helping Students Reason Better: Using the Toulmin and Diagram Models in the Classroom

Jodie Parys / Nelia Olivencia / Susan Huss-Lederman / Pilar Melero

Office of Latino Student Programs and Languages & Literatures Advocating for Excellence: Supporting the Success of Latino University Students


Spring 2010

Institution Contact Department Title
Eau Claire Dwight Watson / Larry Solberg Teacher Education Program / College of Education and Human Sciences Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms
Green Bay Jill Collins White Human Development (Anthropology) 10th Annual Enhancing Teaching Conference
La Crosse Charles Martin-Stanley College of Liberal Studies Working with Diversity: Best Practices and Recommendations from the Literature
Milwaukee Renee Meyers UW System Leadership Site Phase 2 of the Thresholds Concepts Initiative
Platteville Tom Lo Guidice / Nicole Schleicher Teaching Excellence Center Planning for Short-Term Study Abroad Programs
River Falls Erick Hofacker / Kathryn Ernie Mathematics Teaching & Learning in First-Year Undergraduate Mathematics Courses
River Falls Hilree Hamilton Music Music as a View into the Understanding of Global Culture
Stevens Point Patricia Ploetz Center for Academic Excellence and Student Engagement 14th Annual UWSP Teaching Conference
Superior Lisa Larson Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Can a Picture Teach 1000 words? Using Visual Resources to Enhance Learning
Superior Jenice Marie Kienzle / Judy Dwyer The Center for Academic Service-Learning and Office of International Programs Expanding the Boarders of our Community: Creating and Sustaining Successful International Service-Learning Programs
Whitewater James Hartwick Curriculum and Instruction A Meeting of Social Studies Methods Instructors: Enhancing Social Studies Education at All Levels


Fall 2009

Institution Contact Department Title
Waukesha Christel Taylor / Eric Smith / Ed Stredulinsky Academic Affairs / Mathematics Planning Workshop for Improving Student Learning in Mathematics Courses
Extension Kay Taube / Molly Immendorf Division of Continuing Education, Outreach & E-Learning Planning and Visioning for a Virtual Teaching and Learning Center
La Crosse Manny Felix / Jennifer Kosiak School of Education Inclusive Committee Promoting the Success of Hmong Teacher Education Candidates         
La Crosse Theodore Wendt Mathematics Mathematical Modeling Contests: Recruiting and Preparing Teams and Improving Student Learning
Oshkosh / Parkside Liz Cannon / Lisa Kornetsky LGBTQ Resource Center Embedding Inclusive Excellence into the Curriculum: Sharing LGBTQ Best Practices (submitted Spring 2010)
Stevens Point Dona Warren Philosophy Critical Thinking: Performance Tasks
Superior Eri Fujieda Social Inquiry How to teach inclusively: A Workshop on Inclusive Pedagogy
Whitewater Wade Dazey Philosophy and Religious Studies Integrating Knowledge in the Core Curriculum


Spring 2009

Institution Contact Department Title
UW Colleges Caroline Geary / Tom Neal Chemistry The 3rd Annual Best Practices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Teaching Conference
Extension Kay Taube Division of Continuing Education, Outreach & E-Learning Planning and Visioning for a Virtual Teaching and Learning Center
Eau Claire Marc McEllistrem / Bob Eierman Chemistry and CETL The Science Writing Heuristic Workshop
La Crosse Bill Cerbin Provost Office CLA in the Classroom Academy: Developing and Using Performance Tasks to Assess and
Improve Students' Complex Thinking
Milwaukee Renee Meyers UW System Leadership Site Threshold Concepts and the Teaching/Learning of Diversity-Relevant Course Content
Oshkosh Lori Carrell Center for Scholarly Teaching/Communication SPLIT Passions
Parkside Lisa Kornetsky Theatre Arts Learning from One Another:  Focusing on Pedagogical Need and Strategies in the Development of LBGTQ Courses and Course Content (submitted Fall 2009)
Platteville April Schmidt Humanities High School to College Writing Conference
River Falls Erick Hofacker Mathematics Using Case Studies in the Preparation of Future Mathematics Teachers
Stevens Point Patricia Ploetz Center for Academic Excellence and Student Engagement Teaching in the New General Education Environment: Target 2010
Stevens Point Dejan Kuzmanovic / Dan Dieterich / Robert Sirabian English UW System Conference on the Teaching and Learning of English
Stout Alexander Basyrov Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Introduction to WeBWorK Workshop
Stout Susan D McClelland Research Services Undergraduate Research as Teaching and Learning Pedagogy
Stout Dan Riordan Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center Crafting Your Student-Centered Data Into a Publishable Article: Beginning the Journey
Superior Monica Roth Day / Jennifer Christensen / Shevaun Stocker Human Behavior and Diversity (Social Work and Psychology) / Teacher Education Developing our teaching: Lessons learned from the Lesson Plan Study
Superior Lisa Larson Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Group Work That Works: Designing Group Projects and Assignments for Learning and Collaboration



Fall 2008

Institution Contact Department Title
Fox Valley

Teresa Gonya

Biological Sciences Science and Culture
La Crosse Bill Cerbin Psychology & Provost Office Achievement, Equity and Retention: Key Pedagogical Changes that Can Make a Real Difference in ANY College Classroom

Renee Meyers

UW-System Leadership Site Aligning Essential Learning Outcomes with Students’ Perceptions of Their Own Learning

Lori J. Carrell

Center for Scholarly Teaching SPLIT: Split Passion Lessons to Invigorate Teaching Scholars; Maintaining Excellence (and Sanity) as a Scholarly Teacher Directing a Campus SoTL Endeavor
Parkside James Robinson Teaching and Learning Center Supporting Diverse Populations Through Inclusive Course Design
Stevens Point Dona Warren / David Ozsvath Philosophy / Geography / Geology Assessing Critical Thinking: from Course to Campus

Lisa Larson

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Concept Mapping: Using Diagrams to Teach Concepts
Whitewater /Milwaukee Seth Meisel / Julie Kline History / Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Latin American Studies:   A Call for Collaboration
Whitewater Nikki Mandell History Building and Assessing Partnerships Between Historians and Educators


Spring 2008

Institution Contact Department Title
Manitowoc / Baraboo/Sauk County Caroline Geary / Tom Neal Chemistry The 2nd Annual Best Practices in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Teaching Conference
Rock County John Pruitt English Creating a Wisconsin LGBTQ Journal of Scholarship and Critical Pedagogy
Milwaukee Hope Longwell-Grice Curriculum and Instruction  Listening to and Learning from the Elders:  Preparing Teachers to Represent Act 31 in Wisconsin Schools
Oshkosh / Rock County Platteville Susannah Sandrin / Kim Kostka / Tammy Salmon-Stephens Chemistry / Women in Engineering / UWS Women and Science Program Programs to Encourage Young Women in Science and Engineering: What Works?
Platteville April Schmidt (with Dennis Ciesielski, J. Keith Hale, Evelyn Martens, Laura Wendorff et al.) Humanities Bridging the Divide: Preparing High School Writers for First-Year College Composition
River Falls Erick Hofacker / Kathryn Ernie Mathematics Refocused College Algebra Conference
Stout Joseph Haid Education Higher Education Faculty Meeting
Superior Lisa Larson / Martha Einerson Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Assessment in the Communicating Arts
Whitewater Lauren Smith and co-sponsors:
Ellie Schemenauer / Mary Emery / Zohreh Ghavamshahidi /
Rebecca Shrum / WSC
Women’s Studies / History / Languages and Literature / Political Science Can We Teach Commitment?:  Encouraging and Assessing Civic Engagement and Leadership, Best Practices


Fall 2007 

Institution Contact Department Title
Marshfield / Wood County Laura Lee / Julie Tharp Biological Sciences / English Preparing Central Wisconsin High School Students for the College Experience and Building Partnerships between the High Schools and the University
Eau Claire Carol L. Langer Social Work Using "The Hedgehog Concept" to identify and develop faculty strengths:  Transferability to students
Eau Claire Sherrie Serros Mathematics SoTL in Mathematics: Moving from anecdotes to analysis
Green Bay Warren Johnson Human Biology & Chemistry Enhancing the scholarship of teaching and learning of Chemistry, Annual Meeting of the UW-System Chemistry Faculties
La Crosse Virginia Crank English From Conversation to Collaboration:  A Workshop for English Teachers at UWL and Area High Schools
La Crosse James E. Putz Communication Studies Teaching and Understanding the Basic Speech Course
Madison Judith Houck / Anne Enke Women's Studies Program (several depts) Integrating LGBT Content into our Classrooms: Concerns and Strategies
Madison Lillian Tong Center for Biology Education Workshop on case-based learning in the biological sciences:  multiple ways to use cases
Oshkosh Marianne Johnson / Peter Meyerson Center for Scholarly Teaching Learning about learning: A symposia on current innovations in the learning sciences and how they apply to post secondary education.
Parkside Thomas Schnaubelt Center for Community Partnerships - Professional and Continuing Education Click and Brick: Making the Most of Hybrid Learning Environments
Parkside Zhemin Wang Business International Business and Accounting Workshop
Stevens Point Dona Warren Philosophy Teaching Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum
Superior Lisa Larson / Suzanne Griffith Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Brain, Memory, and Learning: What the Latest Cognitive Science Research Tells Us About Teaching and Learning
Parkside Roseann Mason Center for Community Partnerships The Laramie Project


Spring 2007 

Institution Contact Department Title
Washington County Mohamed Ayoub Chemistry New Frontiers in Teaching and Learning College Chemistry
Eau Claire Jayne Bielecki Nursing Fostering Success for Culturally Diverse Nursing Students in the Clinical Setting
Eau Claire Susan C. Turell Women's Studies "A life in school: What the teacher learned:" A reading-based discussion to enhance feminist pedagogy
La Crosse Scott Cooper Biology Assessment of UWL's "Bioinformatics Across the Curricula" program.
La Crosse Paul Reuteman Health Professions "Manipulation: An Evidence Based Approach; Clinical Instructor and Faculty Workshop"
Milwaukee Jeanne M. Schueller Foreign Languages and Linguistics Cooperation and Collaboration among the UW System German Programs
Parkside Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz / Doug Worsham Communication / L&S Learning Support Svcs Making Wikis Work - A UW System-Wide Collaboration
Platteville Tom Lo Guidice / Tom Hunt & Mark Zidon Teaching Excellence Center / School of Agriculture Stewardship Curriculum: The UW-Platteville Pioneer Farm and University Education
River Falls Jude A. Rathburn Business Administration Teaching and Learning Seminar Series in the College of Business and Economics
Stevens Point Michele Dickinson / James Sage Center for Academic Excellence & Student Engagement / Philosophy Teaching Colloquium: Service-Learning
Superior Lisa Larson Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Sharing Our Experiences: Teaching First-Year Students at UW-Superior
Whitewater Nikki Mandell History New Directions in History Teaching
Madison Richard W. Hartel Food Science Collaboration in Teaching (Team Teaching)
Eau Claire Li-Ying Bao Art & Design Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Visual Communication
Stevens Point Steve Bondeson Office of Academic Affairs Curricular Sudoku: Connecting across the Liberal Arts with Quantitative Reasoning


Fall 2006 

Institution Contact Department Title
Marshfield/ Wood County Andrea De Palma & Mike Thiess Computer Science SOTL and Assessment Workshop
Green Bay Heidi Fencl Natural and Applied Science Engaging Students and Revitalizing Interdisciplinarity:  A Kick-off Event for Cross-Campus Teaching Development
Green Bay Jennifer Ham Modern Language UW System German Faculty Summit Meeting
La Crosse Deb Hoskins Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Creative Campus:  Faculty Workshops on Linked Assignments
Madison Wren Singer Orientation & New Student Programs Engaging First Year Students:  Strategies for Academic Success
Oshkosh Jonathan Gutow Chemistry 2006 University of Wisconsin Chemistry Faculties Meeting
Stevens Point Patricia Ploetz & Kathy Davis Information Technology The Teaching Commons Approach to Engaged Learners
Stout Joy Becker & Radi Teleb Mathematics Information Assurance and Cyber Security Workshop
Stout Lopamudra Basu & Matthew Livesey English and Philosophy Creating Engagement in Literature Courses for General Education
Whitewater George Savage Languages and Literatures UW System Conference for Wisconsin College and University English Teachers
Whitewater Nelia Olivencia Latino Student Programs Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction to Support Latino Students
Whitewater Diana Rogers-Adkinson Special Education Fostering Collaborative Instruction Through Freshman Learning Communities


Spring 2006 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Mohamed Ayoub Chemistry Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Natural Bond Orbitals
Colleges Eric Giordano Political Science Politics: 101: Using SoTL to Improve Teaching and Learning
Colleges Cary Komoto Geography and Geology Using Lesson Study to Address Common Misconceptions in Physical Geology an Geography
Colleges John Pruitt English English Department SoTL Workshop, 2006
Eau Claire Kate Mastruserio Reynolds Foreign Language  Physical Response Storytelling with Blaine Ray
Eau Claire  Susan C. Turell Women’s Studies Teaching Feminist Research Methodology
La Crosse Bill Cerbin Interdisciplinary 2006 Wisconsin Lesson Study Conference
La Crosse Jeff Steffen, Pat DiRocco, and Ryan Hammes Exercise and Sport Science Institute of Universal Programming in Adventure Education
Oshkosh Julie K. Henderson and Anne P. Knabe Journalism and Speech Communication Fostering a Dialogue between Public Relations Professors and Professionals
Oshkosh Michael P. Lizotte Biology and Microbiology Connections in Aquatic Sciences
Platteville Tom Lo Guidice Interdisciplinary College for Faculty
River Falls Karen Klyczek, Keith Chavey, and Don Leake Biology and Mathematics Conference on Quantitative Literacy
Stevens Point Steve Bondeson Interdisciplinary Annual UWSP Teaching Conference: Significant Learning
Superior Lisa Larson Interdisciplinary Fostering First Year Student Academic Success
Whitewater Andrew Kapp Interdisciplinary The Scholarly Approach to Teaching:  A Conference Highlighting SoTL at UW-W


Fall 2005 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Andrea De Palma Computer Science, Physics Engineering & Chemistry Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Project in Computer Science
La Crosse Carol Miller Sociology / Archaeology Teaching and Learning, Sharing and Assessing: the Joint Annual Meeting of Wisconsin Sociological and Political Science Associations
Stout Petre Ghenciu, Christopher Bendel, Steven Deckelman Mathematics Lesson Study
Extension Penny Ralston-Berg Learning Innovations Teaching Online: a Portable Online Workshop for Faculty and Staff in the UW System—Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Module


Spring 2005 

Institution Contact Department Title


Michael Judd

Physical Ed.

Connecting our Teaching and Student Learning through Collaboration and Reflection


Greg Lampe


UW Colleges First-Year Seminar Instructors Retreat Planning Conference

Green Bay

Rosemary Ackley Christensen
Joan Thron

Humanistic Studies/American Indian Studies

Oral Tradition Teaching Presentations for ED faculty in the AIS Fusion Plan at UW-Green Bay

La Crosse

Sandra Krajewski


The Scholarship of Teaching and Service Learning: a Powerful Tool for the Classroom

Stevens Point

Karlene Ferrante


Exploring New Dimensions in Teaching


Joe Busby

School of Education and Technology Ed.

Learning from Practicing Technology Education Teachers


Kitrina Carlson
Robert Atwell

New Faculty and Academic Staff

Developing Relationships and Resources among New Faculty and Academic Staff


Kay Taube


A Day of Learning:  Diversity, Technology, and SoTL Projects in the UW System



Fall 2004 

Institution Contact Department Title


Holly Hassel, Nancy Chick


Learning to Read: A workshop and forum on Teaching Literature


Cary Komoto


Addressing Common Student Misconceptions in Physical Geography


Gregory Lampe


An Investigation of the Nexus between Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Assessment of Student Learning

La Crosse

Donna Anderson


Fostering Intercampus SoTL through a 1999-2000 WTF Reunion


Lillian Tong

Biological Sciences

Scholarly Inquiry of Teaching and Learning Practices in the Biological Sciences


Lori Carrell

General Education

Collaborative Instructional Planning for General Education:  A Time for Scholarly Reflection


Tom Lo Guidice

Professional Studiesn

Improving Professional Studies Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning


Lisa Larson, Rosemary Keefe


Making Student Learning Visible:  Using Technology to Assess Knowledge and Improve Teaching and Learning



Spring 2004 

Institution Contact Department Title


Margaret Cleek


Innovations in Teaching Summit


Glenda Gallisath


Incorporating the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Assessment into Integrative Teaching and Learning Opportunities for Students


Sid Bremer
Jim Perry


Understanding and Measuring Intellectual Development

Eau Claire

Robert J. Eierman


Science Education Discussion Group


Gina Sapiro


2004 Annual Teaching and Learning Symposium


Fay Yokomizo Akindes


Teaching Diversity Courses Throughout the Curriculum


Anne Statham
Esther Letven


Beginning the American Democracy Project

Stevens Point

Diane Bywaters


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference


Jerry Kapus


Teaching and Learning Discussion Group


Andrew Kapp, et. al.


Advancing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at UW-Whitewater


Seth Meisel
Julie Kline


Infusing Latin American Studies in the Comprehensive University Curriculum



Fall 2003 

Institution Contact Department Title


Holly Hassel, Nancy Chick


Evaluation & Assessment: A Workshop and Forum on ‘Good Writing’


Keith Montgomery


Improving Student Learning Through Understanding Misconceptions


Sue Patrick,


Becoming a Better and More Thoughtful Teaching

Eau Claire

Linda Carpenter


SoTL: A State and National Perspective

La Crosse

Terry Beck, Bryan Kopp


The Writing Intensive University

La Crosse

Jasmine Saros

Biology/River Studies

Connections in Aquatic Science Education


Carol-Lee Saffioti-Hughes


American Indiana Studies programs of the UW System


Kathleen Deery


A Unified Approach to Scholarly Inquiry Across Disciplines



Fall 2002 

Institution Contact Department Title


Patricia Lasky


Scalability on Online Instr uction


Carmen Faymonville
Tom LoGuidice

Women’s Studies

Integrating GLBT/Q Issues into the Undergraduate Gen. Ed. Program

Baron County

Claudia Rinaldi
Nancy Chick


Mini-Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching


John Stone

LEARN Center

Critical Thinking and Socratic Dialogue



Spring 2002 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Greg Lampe Interdisciplinary Initiating a First Year College Experience at the UW Colleges
Colleges Donald Howard Ruedy Art New Initiatives in Foundation Teaching
Eau Claire David J. Franks Special Education Developing Across Disciplinary Instructional Collaboration Skills
Green Bay John Marker Interdisciplinary Enhancing the Craft of Teaching: Moving Beyond Content
La Crosse Betsy Morgan Psychology Enhancing the Teaching of Human Development and Psychology
La Crosse Ronal Rochon and
Steve Root
Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning: Planning for Student Retention and Hmong Student Success in Northern-Tier UW-System Institutions
Parkside Fay Akindes Interdisciplinary Who are Our Students? How Can They Best Succeed
Platteville Tom Lo Guidice Interdisciplinary The Scholarship of the Engaged University
Stevens Point Charles Clark Interdisciplinary Teaching for Diversity: A Teaching Summit


Fall 2001 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Elizabeth Zanichkowsky Women's Studies Interconnections in Women's Studies Teaching and Learning: A Women's Studies Consortium Conference
Eau Claire Sherry Maccaul
Donna Raleigh
Ron Mickel
Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration Across Campuses: Virtually Sharing Expertise
Green Bay Kim Nielsen Women's Studies Teaching Introduction to Women's Studies: A Workshop on Strategies and Content
Madison Michael Bernard English Rethinking the Teaching of First-Year Writing
Madison Lillian Tong Biology Advancing the Practice of Teaching in the Biological Sciences through Scholarship
Superior Marshall Johnson Honors Program The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Understanding from Carnegie Examples


Spring 2001

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Greg Lampe Interdisciplinary Building Communities for Diverse Learners
Colleges Margaret Rozga Women's Studies Beyond Boundaries: Introducing Women's Studies Across the Curriculum Throughout the UW Colleges
Colleges Linda L. Ware English With Knowledge and Sensitivity: Workshop on Teaching Literature
Milwaukee Yea-Fen Chen Foreign Languages Learning from Other Students and Learning from Each Other via Distance Learning
Stevens Point Kirby Throckmorton Interdisciplinary Using the Grading Process to Enhance Student Learning
Superior Melissa Nelsen Interdisciplinary Models of Faculty Development Programs Designed to Enhance Teaching and Learning
Whitewater John Stone Interdisciplinary Teaching Strategies for Generation Y Students


Fall 2000 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Kim Kostka Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Science Education Reform in the Colleges: Crafting a Vision for Curriculum, Faculty and Institutional Structures
Colleges Linda Reinhardt Interdisciplinary No More Talking Heads: Using Blended Technologies to Personalize the Learning Experience in Multi-Site Compressed Video Courses
Eau Claire Ronald E. Mickel Interdisciplinary Using Student Groups Effectively in Courses
La Crosse Ronald McKelvey Chemistry Chemical Sciences at the Interface of Education
Milwaukee Anthony Ciccone Interdisciplinary Supporting the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning:
From Theory to Practice


Spring 2000 

Institution Contact Department Title
Green Bay Regan A. R. Gurung Psychology Enhancing the Teaching of Psychology
Green Bay Denise Scheberle Multidisciplinary Enhancing the Craft of Teaching: A workshop with Steven Brookfield
La Crosse Rebecca Lewin LaDocq Multidisciplinary Conference on Teaching and Learning
La Crosse D. Tulla Lightfoot Art Standards for Teacher Preparations: Implications and Implementation
Whitewater Barbara S. Monfils Communications Workshop: Training in Using the New Text


Fall 1999 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Berel Lutsky Art Learning Technology
Oshkosh Charles Hill English UW-System Writing Program Coordinators
Stout Steve Deckelman
Multidisciplinary Mini-Confernce on Teaching Excellence and Innovation
Whitewater Sally Vogl-Bauer Communication Strengthening the Connections Between Departmental Advising and Student Learning


Spring 1999 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges David Louzecky Philosophy Workshop on Active Learning in Philosophy
Colleges Berel Lutsky Multidisciplinary Electronic Publishing of Multimedia Courseware
Colleges Sarah J. Rudolph Communication/Theatre Arts/Art Enhancing Student Expressiveness Within and Beyond our Disciplines
Green Bay Denise Scheberle Learning Technology Center Enhancing the Craft of Teaching: High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech Strategies for Teaching Effectiveness


Fall 1998 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Margaret Armstrong Psychology Electronic Bulletin Boards and Conferencing Techniques
Colleges Cathy Helgeland Geography and Geology Maximizing the Use of Technology in Learning
Colleges Theo Koupelis ComputerScience / Engineering / Physics Workshop on Assessment
Colleges Evelyn Payson Library Developing Electronic Library Reserves
Green Bay Denise Sweet Humanistic Studies Exchange Initiative of UW-System American Indian Studies Programs
La Crosse Betsy Morgan

Psychology/Sociology Developing an Identity for the Social Sciences: A Scholarship and Teaching Exchange
Parkside Anne Statham Women’s Studies Last Words: Teaching and Learning at Century’s End


Spring 1998 

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Jim Gross Computer Science Problem Based Learning in Computer Science
Colleges Margaret Hamilton Women’s Studies/Psychology Forum on Women’s Health
Parkside Lillian Trager
Sociology Anthropology/Political Science Developing Distance Education Exchanges
River Falls Brian L. Schultz Economics But Life isn’t Fair! Assessing Individual Performance in Group Work
Whitewater Mark Leddy
Communicative Disorders/Special Ed Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment


Fall 1997 

Institution Contact Department Title
Eau Claire Sandra A. Dirks Nursing Systems Renewing Partnerships for Bacccalaureate Nursing Education
Milwaukee Carol Leonardelli Haertlein Occupational Therapy Developing New Models for Fieldwork and Preparing Students
Platteville Kesheng Yu
Office of Technology Teaching Improvement Through the Use of Learning Technology
Stout Barbara Knous
Food and Nutrition Integrating Problem-based Learning into the Dietectics Curriculum at UW-Stout
Centers Eugene Braun Biology Proposal to Establish a Permanent Online Conference
Centers Gregory Smith Student Services Freshman Seminar Faculty Retreat


Spring 1997 

Institution Contact Department Title
La Crosse Bill Cerbin Cross Discipline Using Assessment to Improve Student Learning, January 15, 1997
La Crosse Benjamin Click
Cross Discipline Creating a Networked Learning Environment, Spring 1997
Milwaukee Anthony Ciccone Cross Discipline Integrated Scholarship: Bringing Together Research, Pedagogy, and Service, March 14-15, 1997
Milwaukee Gabrielle Verdier
Language Teachers Integrating Trans-national E-mail Communication into Language and Cultural Instruction, February 14-15, 1997
Whitewater Susan Huss-Lederman Cross Discipline Integrating Course Objectives and Assessment Strategies for Current and Former UW-Whitewater Wisconsin Teaching Fellows
Centers Jim Brey
Geography&Geology A Geo-Technology Workshop: The Use of Instructional and Information Technology to Enhance Teaching, Learning and Curricula in Geosciences, February 22-23, 1997
Centers Kitty Kingston Art Developing Interactive Learning Styles


Fall 1996 

Institution Contact Department Title
Green Bay E. Nicole Meyer Humanistic Studies Faculty Development and Faculty Research: Oxymoron or Synonym? Faculty Responsibility, Accountability and Pedagogy in the 90’s
La Crosse Bill Cerbin Center for Effective Teaching & Learning Using New Technologies to Improve Students’ Writing and Learning
La Crosse Delores E. Heiden
Curriculum and Instruction Teaching Improvement Through the Alignment of Standards, Objectives and Assessments
Centers Judy Barisonzi
English Implementing Interdisciplinarity


Spring 1996 

Institution Contact Department Title
La Crosse Patricia Ann Wilder Physical Therapy PBL -- Problem Based Learning, for Allied Health Professionals
Madison Marcia Gevelinger Bastian Kinesiology/Occupational Therapy The Collaborative Model of Fieldwork Education in Occupational Therapy
Stout Jeffrey Dippman Social Science Whose History Is It:  The Debate Over National Standards
Stout Julie Furst-Bowe Education/Training Communication Mentoring Strategies to Improve Teaching Effectiveness
Colleges Richard Cleek Geography & Geology Sharing Expertise to Enhance Teaching Excellence in Geography
Colleges Margaret Rozga Women's Studies The World and Our Classrooms, The World in Our Classrooms


Fall 1995

Institution Contact Department Title
La Crosse Jean Hindson Foreign Language Second Language Teaching Methods: An International Perspective
La Crosse Sandra Krajewski Women's Studies Building an Interdisciplinary Learning Community in Women's Studies Using Distance Education
Platteville Georg E. Smith Communication/Computing Technology Mathematics Anxiety Reduction
Colleges Marie Wunsch Administration Brave New World:  Rethinking Learning and Teaching Through Instructional Technology


Spring 2007  
Partnering for  
Student Success  
in the First Year:  
Learning About  
(Action Plans)

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges / Waukesha Christel Taylor English Bridging the Institutional Research Divide: Using Data to Explore Questions about the First College Year
Eau Claire Linda Carpenter Network for Excellence In Teaching Understanding Student Learning Through Measures of Engagement
Green Bay Scott Furlong Public & Environmental Affairs Faculty Development for Teaching First Year Seminars
La Crosse Bill Cerbin Provost's Office Exploring First Year Student Success at UW-La Crosse
Madison Sarah Wells Orientation & New Student Programs Implementing and Assessing the UW-Madison's First Year Goals in Academic Advising
Milwaukee Tony Ciccone CIPD Exploring Learning Communities at UWM
Oshkosh Marianne Johnson /  Peter Meyerson / Lori Carrell Center for Scholarly Teaching Using NSSE Data to Evaluate & Assess the Oshkosh FYE
Parkside Chris Zanowski Student Support Services Strengthening Our Campus Community to Support First Year Student Success
Platteville Dr. Tom LoGuidice Improvement of Learning Committee Access to Success - An Institutional Program for the First Year
River Falls Dr. Jude Rathburn Business Administration Developing a Model for Our First Year Seminar Program at UWRF
Stevens Point Patricia Ploetz Center for Academic Excellence & Student Engagement Understanding and Enhancing Student's First Year Experience
Stout Dr. Kitrina Carlson / Ms. Denise Goers Biology / Advisement  Center Service Learning Communities - Planning for the Future
Superior Sue Holm First Year Experience The First Year Experience Initiative and the NSSE Data: Using data to enhance the First Year Experience Program at UW-Superior
Whitewater Elizabeth Hachten College of Letters & Sciences Fostering Student Engagement and Advancing the Goals of Liberal Education: Focus on the First Year Experience


Special Grant Cycle
Follow-up to
Teaching for Learning:
To the Best of
Our Knowledge
Spring 1998

Institution Contact Department Title
Colleges Larry Gomes

Business Economics Whether are we tending: How assessment and the Internet classroom are applied in Business and Economics
Colleges Nora Roy Academic Affairs Retention Seminar
Oshkosh Marquerite Helmers English Directors of Writing Programs Meeting
River Falls Lisa Reavill

Academic Success Center, Leadership Center Project: Survive and Thrive
Steven Point William Meyer Provost Mobilizing for Transformation: How Campuses are Preparing for the Knowledge Age
Stout Julie Furst-Bowe Academic Affairs Learning Communities: Sharing Models for Success
Superior Melissa J. Nelson Interdisciplinary Pilot Program to Develop Learning Communities for Undeclared Majors


Virtually There: 
Teaching, Learning 
& Technology in 
the 21st Century 
Spring 1997 

Institution Contact Department Title
Milwaukee Robert Kaleta
Anthony Ciccone
Multidisciplinary Using Collaboration and Discipline-Specific Groups of Faculty for Integrating Technology into the Curriculum, April 14-18, & June 1997
Oshkosh John Berens Information Technology Technology Roundtable: Taking the First Byte...
Superior Peter Nordgren Media Resources Colloquium: Serving Students at a Distance Through Technology, May 2, 1997
Whitewater Eileen Schroeder Education Finding and Creating Web Resources for Education Courses
Centers Larry Gomes Business/Economics Powerpoint and Excel: A Hands-on Introduction with Applications in Business and Economics, April 1997
Centers Larry Phelps Biology The Use of Computers in Teaching Biology Language, March, May and June
Centers Margaret Rozga Women's Studies Bridging Distances: A Women’s Studies Seminar, March 7-8, 1997
Extension Marcia Baird Nursing Strengthening Teaching and Advising in the Collaborative Nursing Program, June 1997


Virtually There: 
Teaching, Learning 
& Technology in 
the 21st Century 
Spring 1997 

Institution Contact Department Title
Green Bay Robert Skorczewski
Multidisciplinary A Workshop Based on Campus-Based Experiences Incorporating Technology in the Classroom
La Crosse Cecilia G. Manrique Political Science/
Public Administration
Teaching with the WEB
Madison Anthony Jacob Chemistry Chemistry 108: Working with Instructors in a Large Lecture Classroom
River Falls Mary Alice Muraski Multidisciplinary Teaching and Learning through Information Technology
Stout Joe Hagaman Multidisciplinary Web Course Development for Distance Learning
Superior Peter Nordgren Multidisciplinary Seminar on Networked Information in Teaching and Learning
Whitewater L.Roger Yin Technology/Information Resources Integrating UW System Campus Faculty Training & Development Programs: From "Train the Trainers" to "Network the Trainers"
Centers Sidney Bremer Multidisciplinary Demonstration of Smart Classroom
Centers Patricia Fellows Multidisciplinary Hands on Workshop in Instructional Multimedia UWC Fox Valley
Centers Patricia Fellows Multidisciplinary Hands on Workshop in Instructional Multimedia UWC Richland
Centers Theo Koupelis
Multidisciplinary Grant Writing Workshop on Instructional Technology
Centers Marcia Baird Nursing Teaching at a Distance


Follow-up to 
Faculty Roles 
and Rewards 
Spring 1995 

Institution Contact Department Title
Eau Claire Johannes Strohschank Campus Community Finding New Roles and Rewards
La Crosse Richard Sutton International Ed The Roles & Rewards of International Experience in Faculty Careers
Madison J.W. Taylor The Teaching Academy Development of Two Student Evaluation Survey Instruments
Milwaukee Donna Van Wynsberghe Biological Sciences Teaching Portfolios for Teaching Assistants
Oshkosh Patricia Koll Vice Chancellor's Office Faculty Professional Development Plans
Parkside Jeanne L. Thomas Vice Chancellor's Office Faculty Roles and Rewards in a Teaching/Learning Community
Stout Mitch Sherman Psychology Faculty Roles: Bringing the Classroom into the Community
UW Centers Susan Andrews Psychology Roles and Rewards in the UW Centers
UW Centers Catherine Helgeland Geography & Geology Catching the Spirit: Reinforcing Positive Attitudes to Improve Teaching
UW Centers Roger Rigterink Campus Assessment in the Classroom