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The University of Wisconsin System's most comprehensive report covering a broad array of information regarding the System's progress toward achieving excellence.

Bulletins and Profiles

Bulletins and Profiles address topical issues of interest to the University of Wisconsin System and its constituents.

Committee on Baccalaureate Expansion (COBE), joint UW-WTCS report

The purpose of the committee is to examine the number and nature of baccalaureate degree holders in Wisconsin as compared with other states, determine why Wisconsin is lagging behind, and recommend cost-effective and collaborative strategies to provide access and opportunities to expand the number of degree completers in our state.

Higher Education Facts

Commonly-requested higher education statistics comparing Wisconsin (and the UW System) with the United States as a whole and, where possible, with Minnesota.

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Informational Memoranda/Occasional Research Briefs (ORBs)

Informational Memoranda and Occasional Research Briefs (ORBs) report on special topics relevant to the University of Wisconsin System. These topics include access, student enrollment, student retention and time to degree, financial aid, transfers, precollege, and degrees conferred.

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Survey (IPEDS)

OPAR coordinates UW System data collection for the following IPEDS surveys: Institutional Characteristics, Degree Completions, Employees by Assigned Positions, Fall Enrollment, Salaries, Finance, Fall Staff, and Graduation Rates.

Introduction to the University of Wisconsin System

Profiles contain data on undergraduates, age, gender, race/ethnicity, residency, ACT, high school rank, graduation rates, and undergraduate instruction. General information on admissions, applications, transfer guidelines, majors, and financial aid.

Contact: UW HELP, (608) 263-4567 or (800) 442-6459

More Graduates Data Reports

The More Graduates initiative seeks to increase the number of undergraduate degrees conferred over the next 15 years and close achievement gaps between underrepresented minorities and lower income students vs. all students.  The data summaries provide recent trends on specific student populations (e.g., new transfer students) and outcomes (e.g., retention rates) important to systemwide efforts to reach More Graduates goals.

Multiple Applications and Admissions Database (MAAD)Reports

Contents: Systemwide and institutional count of applications and admissions for new freshmen and transfers by residency, race/ethnicity, gender, high school rank, citizenship, and admission category.

Contact: Kevin Welch , Office of Policy Analysis and Research, (608) 262-2623

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Remedial Education in the UW System

Presents information regarding students requiring Math and English remediation.

Residence Hall Occupancy Report

Contents: Institutional data on residence hall capacity and occupancy rates.

Contact: Yufeng Duan , Office of Policy Analysis and Research, (608) 265-6776

Retention and Graduation Reports

Provides systemwide and by campus course retention rates and graduation rates.

Serving Adult Students of the University of Wisconsin Through Biennial Budget Appropriations

Contents: Reports on activity in 100% tuition funded courses..

Contact: Sue Buth , Office of Policy Analysis and Research, (608) 262-1751

Student Statistics

Subject: Fall enrollment by institution.

Includes headcount with 10 year profile, FTE, residency, classification, entrance status, gender, race/ethnicity status and gender, full-time, geographic origin, transfers by source, credits, degrees conferred, and age.

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Transfer Student Reports

These reports include information on University of Wisconsin (UW) System transfer students. The Program Assessment Reports focus particular attention on transfers from the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) with assessment of both current and new articulation agreements, which allow students to transfer courses from a specific program at a WTCS district into a similar program at a UW institution.

In the past, transfer student reports were produced for the Joint Administration Committee on Academic Programs (JACAP).

Undergraduate Course Drop Rates, annual report

Provides systemwide and by campus course drop rates.

The University of Wisconsin System Fact Book

Contents: General information on UW System, institutions, academic information (enrollment includes race/ethnicity by gender), summer session enrollment, degrees conferred, student financial aid, financial and budget information, and minority faculty by gender and race/ethnicity.

Contact: Communications and External Relations, (608) 263-5512

Wisconsin High School Graduate Projections

Projections of high school graduates within the state of Wisconsin. Includes a report prepared by the Applied Population Laboratory (APL) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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