Financial Administration

Revised: April 21, 2004

For policy interpretation or answers to any questions regarding the Financial and Administrative Policies, contact Terri Gill,, or (608) 263-0873.

Documents marked with a are undergoing a major revision process. Comments applicable to that process should be directed to Terri Gill.

1 Rev. Alumni Publications
2 Rev. (5) Extramural Support Administration
3 Rev. (3) Charging Fuels and Utilities - Auxiliary Enterprises
7 Accounting and Budget Control
8 Rev. (2) Purchasing Responsibility and Authority
9 Rev. (2)
Classified Service Delegated Classification Policy
10 Rev. Computer Software Ownership
11 Sharing Services and Products
15 Rev. Student Services Funding
18 Rev. (3) Employment of Student Help
18A Student FICA Exemptions
20 Rev. Computing Acquisitions Responsibility and Authority
20A Rev. (2) Telecommunications Acquisitions Responsibility and Authority
21 Rev. Maintenance of University-Owned Residences
23 Rev. Systemwide, Regional or Interinstitutional Facilities and Service Centers
24 Rev. Accreditation Visits and Reports
25 Rev. (6) Educational Assistance for Faculty and Staff
26 Rev. Limited Term Employment
27 Rev.
Copyrightable Instruction Materials Ownership, Use and Control
29 Rev. Special Course Fees
30 Cooperative Educational Fee Schedules
31 Student Financial Aid in Extended Degree Program Administration
32 Payment Methods and Timing for Payroll
34 Patent Policy
35 Rev. (3) Summer Short Courses
36 College Credit in High Schools
38 Rev. Child Care Centers
40 Position Management Policy
40A Position Management Procedures
41 Affirmative Action Data Collection
42 Learning and Information Technologies Development and Integration
43 Advertising, Sponsorship and Links on the Internet
51 Carrying Weapons or Firearms at University of Wisconsin Institutions