Financial Administration

UW System Travel Regulations


  1. The same authorization that is required for obtaining a Fleet vehicle is required prior to renting a vehicle for University business. You must have already received approval as an authorized driver by the University. If you have not already received approval, review the policy and procedures for obtaining authorization at UW System Risk Management - Authorized Driver and Vehicle Use. Campus staff should also contact their respective campus Risk Management Office to obtain campus specific approvals prior to renting a vehicle.

    Note: Successful completion of Van Training is required prior to renting 12-passenger vans.

  2. A rental vehicle may be used in situations where it is the most cost-efficient means of transportation or when the efficient conduct of UW business precludes the use of other means of transportation. At times a rental car can be less costly than using a personal vehicle.

  3. The vehicle rented should be reasonable in terms of size, cost, number of passengers, and cargo to be transported. Claims for reimbursement of other than authorized models, for reasons such as three or more passengers, bulky equipment, etc., must be documented in writing and attached to the payment mechanism. Only individuals involved in State/UW business shall be included in the count.

  4. The State of Wisconsin has contracts with Enterprise, Hertz, and National for discounted rates. See the UW TravelWIse portal for vehicle rental contracts and reservation information.

  5. The contract vendors include free collision and liability insurance for most rentals. If it is necessary to rent from a non-contract vendor, or if the contract vendor does not provide insurance for that location, collision and liability insurance must be purchased. Employees should verify that the State/UW's contract ID number is referenced on the rental agreement to assure contract coverage. All other types of insurance are not reimbursable. Questions involving additional insurances should be directed to your campus Risk Management Office or your Institutional Travel Manager.

  6. Employees may be asked for UW identification in order to receive the contract rates. Student drivers must present the the Department of Revenue approved tax exempt wallet card or a copy of the Wisconsin Sales & Use Tax Exempt Certificate to the rental vendor as approval to rent a vehicle under the contract. Tax exemption details are available in the UW TravelWIse portal.

  7. The State purchasing card must be used for payment of car rental costs. If they so choose, employees have the option of utilizing the state-provided personal liability U.S. Bank travel card instead of, or in addition to, the purchasing card. The original rental agreement and receipts for gas purchases must be submitted for reimbursement.

  8. Other equipment and services (including roadside assistance protection, GPS, and vendor refueling) are not contracted for and will not be paid or reimbursed by the University unless there is an exception.