Financial Administration

UWSA - FPPP 36 - Travel Regulations


  1. Approval at the dean level or above must be obtained to permit payment of all expenses in connection with interviewing applicants for unclassified positions. The institution personnel office may be contacted to obtain advice concerning reimbursement of interview expenses of candidates for classified service positions.

    The following should be considered to ensure that allowing reimbursement is in the best interest of the UW:

    1. Job market supply and demand for skills of the prospective employee.

    2. Incentive for prospective candidates to interview for the position with or without reimbursement.

    3. Other reasons unique to the department or school.

    Consideration may be given to partial reimbursement, but all candidates must be given the same reimbursement consideration.

  2. Reimbursement for travel expenses of the spouses of finalists for the position of vice chancellor or above may be authorized. For positions at lower levels advance approval is required from the chancellor or designee with written justification attached to the TER.

  3. If approval for reimbursement of the applicant's spouse's travel costs is obtained, it may be appropriate for the meal expense of an employee's spouse to also be reimbursed. In such cases, when an employee and his/her spouse are directed to dine with the finalist and his/her spouse as part of the interview process, reimbursement for both the employee and his/her spouse is allowable. Approval of the chancellor is required for expenses of an employee's spouse.

  4. There are occasions when employees are required to interview applicants during the meal period. Reimbursement for the cost of such meals, within the maximum, is allowable. A receipt, the candidate's name and title of the unfilled position and an explanation for holding the interview over the meal period must be provided.

  5. The Dean or a level above may authorize a UW employee to act as a "host" for interview candidates. Reasonable local transportation and meal costs in connection with hosting the candidate may be reimbursed.

  6. Applicant interview candidates must conform to mileage, meal and lodging maximums and receipt requirements as outlined in Sections X and XI.