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UW System Clipsheet

April 20, 2014

UW System Clipsheet

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"Other view: Is UW System truly awash in money?," Editorial, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, April 17.

Those of us on the outside looking in at the state Capitol and the University of Wisconsin System’s cash-flow are eager to learn more about whether the latter is sitting on $1.7 billion in extra money or if lawmakers are simply jumping on an election-year opportunity to announce a second straight two-year tuition freeze... Print version

"Tuition freeze 'unsustainable' solution to college affordability," Badger Herald, April 17.

...Sara Goldrick-Rab, a UW educational policy studies and sociology professor, said the relative financial stability of UW-Madison compared to other UW System schools will result in major disparities in the proposed tuition freeze’s effect on students...

"Free Tuesday Trends sample: Exact Sciences rising, UW System mixed, entrepreneurship falling," WisBusiness.com, April 15.

Below is an excerpt from the most recent edition of WisBusiness Tuesday Trends...UW System President Ray Cross says the system will appropriately manage and explain its resources -- while noting that tuition levels are already lower than many peer institutions. Meanwhile, observers say newly passed legislation to allow classified federal research on UW campuses signals a turning point in how the Legislature and UW view those dollars. The state has been largely missing out on such grants and contracts for more than 40 years -- a hangover from Vietnam-era protests -- but the national urgency surrounding cybersecurity has opened new opportunities for research, company attraction and job creation, proponents say.

On Campus

"Mayor Barrett makes water pitch to White House," WISN.com, April 10.

..."I wanted to make the case that we've got an incredible initiative here, that's driven by the private sector, but supported by academia and local and state government," Barrett said. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee plays a major role in the water technology push with several initiatives. UWM Vice Chancellor Tom Lujak said a federal role in the effort would provide a major boost...

"UW-L students vote on possible changes to campus," WKBT, April 16.

After a technical glitch delayed their vote Tuesday night, UW- La Crosse students finished voting Wednesday night on possible changes to their campus...

"UW-Superior - 'You Can Play'," Madison.com, April 17.

University of Wisconsin-Superior's Athletic Department&Athletes join the You Can Play team in promoting diversity and inclusion for all athletes and fans, including LGBT teammates. (View YouTube video)

"Mumps confirmed at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse," Global Dispatch, April 17.

At least one confirmed and 2 suspect cases of Mumps disease have been identified at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, the La Crosse County Health Department reported today...

"The Confluence Project and UW-Eau Claire: A white elephant and example of crony capitalism," Column, WisOpinion.com, April 16.

In recent days, the supporters of the $55 million Confluence Project in downtown Eau Claire have been buoyed by the passage of a non-binding referendum on a possible county contribution of $3.5 million towards the capital costs of this self-described community arts center. During the low voter turnout election held on April 1st, the countywide referendum passed by a vote of 11,589 to 9,786. End of story. Not really... (Author: Steve Nass, chairman of the Assembly Colleges and Universities Committee)

"UW-Superior proud to welcome LGBT athletes and coaches with You Can Play video," Outsports.com, April 16.

Thursday, April 10, 2014 was a human rights milestone in the life of the University of Wisconsin - Superior. On that day we, as a community, stood as one in our commitment to making life better for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered people on our campus. My name is Dr. Terencio Daunte McGlasson, I am a gay, Latino professor of counseling and I have the privilege of sharing our story...

"UW-Superior launches campaign to support gay athletes," Wisconsin Public Radio, April 15.

More than 150 student-athletes, coaches and community members at the University of Wisconsin-Superior have formed a group to become allies with gay student athletes. The “You Can Play” program is the first of its kind in the UW System...

"Center of attention ," Dunn County News, April 17.

Memorial Student Center at UW-Stout wins international design award. Related

"Lakefront Marathon reaches capacity at record pace," WITI, April 11.

...The 2014 race will also feature the third annual Paws vs. Claws Collegiate Challenge, pitting faculty, staff and students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) versus those from Concordia University Wisconsin...

"UW-Milwaukee students file petition for new constitution," Daily Cardinal, April 8.

Three University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students advocated for reformed student government by delivering over 1,300 student petition signatures to UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Michael Lovell’s office Friday, according to a Tuesday release from a student group...

"Video: The Bucks' John Henson and Fonzie," Blog, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 11.

Milwaukee Bucks forward John Henson collaborated with UWM's Peck School of the Arts Film Department to create videos "that showcase Henson's passion for the city that he now calls home."...

"High-tech concrete will ensure stronger and longer lasting roads and bridges," Science World (Voice of America broadcast), April 12.

Konstantin Sobolev (Engineering) has created a hybrid concrete that has a structure that makes it super-robust with a lifespan of more than 120 years.

"Community spotlight: Milwaukee's Historic King Drive neighborhood," Business Journal of Milwaukee, April 9.

...The process will be managed by Community Design Solutions of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is being funded by the BID, Local Initiatives Support Corp. and developer Mandel Group...

"Tragedy doesn't stop Stevens Point runners from taking on Boston Marathon," Stevens Point Journal, April 17.

...This year, he is taking his family to Boston with him, along with Rosenthal and Aittama, who run with Wetter in a running club at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where Wetter teaches health promotion...

"UW-L faculty seeking academic freedom language after controversial email," La Crosse Tribune, April 18.

Instructors at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse are crafting a statement to protect speech in class, after a professor was asked to apologize for comments made in an email to students...

"Scientists, activists rally at UW-Madison to 'Free the Seed'," Capital Times, April 17.

Members of the Open Source Seed Initiative rallied on the UW-Madison campus Thursday, pledging to preserve plant diversity by keeping seeds from their cultivars patent-free and widely available...

"UW researchers collect insects and marine wildlife in hopes of creating antibiotics," WKOW-TV 27, April 17.

Many medical experts believe the world is facing a global public health crisis. Every year the Center for Disease Control says more than two million patients in hospitals get infections that are resistant to antibiotics. "Looking at our own hospital we see one patient a day with an infection for which we have no effective therapy," UW-Madison Chief of Infectious Diseases Dr. David Andes says...

"Baby gorilla dies less than month after birth at Milwaukee County Zoo," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 17.

...The cause of death is under investigation. A complete necropsy will be performed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, and preliminary results may be available in a few days, zoo officials said Thursday in a news release...

"Open source comes to farms with restriction-free seeds," Ars Technica, April 17.

There are now 29 kinds of plant varieties that are available under an open source license, reports NPR. On Thursday, a group of scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison debuted the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI), a set of seeds that can be used by anyone so long as they don’t restrict use by others through patents or IP protection...

"A push for a free college education," Wisconsin Radio Network, April 17.

A pair of UW-Madison professors have a plan they say could give all students at public colleges and universities two years of free schooling...

"Medical school leaders cash in on drug company boards," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 17.

While university doctors who moonlight for drug companies have faced intense scrutiny in recent years, new research suggests much larger sums of money are being paid to their bosses — the leaders of medical schools and hospitals who serve on drug company boards...

"UWS triathlon team competes at nationals," Superior Telegram, April 18.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior triathlon team competed in the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships April 4-5 in Tempe Ariz. More than 1,200 athletes from across the country took part in the event...

"Senate approves plans for campus signs," Spectator, April 16.

Student Senate approved $27,495 in student fees to buy a site license for Visix, a software which regulates and manages digital signs on campus...

"'Veggies with the Leggies' brings state representatives to campus," Racquet, April 10.

...Shilling and Billings explained that UW-L has a strong voice in local legislature, and that its development of new building projects such as the science building, student union and parking ramp suggest UW-L’s positive interaction with the State Building Commission...

"Memorial Student Center receives design award," Stoutonia, April 9.

...“The Memorial Student Center was almost completely transformed,” said Sorensen. “It has become, as it should be, the hub of student life and social activities at UW–Stout.”

"'Open Source Seeds' hope to make agricultural advancements widely available," Wisconsin Public Radio, April 17.

An effort to keep the publicin control of seeds for new varieties of vegetables and grains, rather thanbig universities and corporations,will try to take deeper hold Thursday. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of several institutions that's been breeding new varieties of broccoli, carrots and other vegetables and grains. The researchers have been using part of publically available cells called germ plasm... Related


"Madison joins nationwide coalition to advocate research funding," Daily Cardinal, April 17.

The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce joined a coalition of 44 cities Thursday that will advocate for greater federal spending in research, according to releases from the Madison and Boston Chambers of Commerce...

"Burke calls for more tuition tax deductions," Wisconsin Radio Network, April 18.

The main Democrat running for governor says paying for higher education is one of the main hurdles that keep people from getting a degree...


"Rogue trustee in Texas stirs debate on his role," Chronicle of Higher Education, April 18.

...Mr. Hall’s unconventional tactics as a regent raise important questions for college boards: Where is the line between effective oversight of an institution and outright harassment or micromanagement?...

"Remediation is badly broken," Column, Inside Higher Ed, April 18.

Remediation should not be eliminated, writes Stan Jones, but its delivery needs to be transformed.

"No silver bullet," Column, Inside Higher Ed, April 18.

Fixing remedial education will be much more complex than reformers and policy makers acknowledge, writes Hunter Boylan.