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New for the 2012-13 Fiscal Year

The UW System Administration Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce a new opportunity for funding for FY2012-13, the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin Grants Program. This grants program seeks to fund proposals that will result in substantive programmatic and/or institution-wide change (single or multiple institutions) in support of institutional and systemwide goals for the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin. The grants program will also support national, regional, statewide meetings or conferences that will focus on topics that are aligned with the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin.
For FY2012-13, Academic Affairs Grant programs have been consolidated based on the recommendations from the President’s Advisory Committee on the Roles of UW System Administration and input from the other institutional administrators. In the past, Academic Affairs operated twelve distinct grant programs, listed below:

Past Academic Affairs Grants Programs

  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Supporting the Growth Agenda
  • Applied Research
  • OPID Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grants
  • OPID Conference Development (CD) Grant Program
  • Support Grants for Racial and Ethnic Studies
  • Curricular Redesign Grant Program
  • PK-16 Grant: Teacher Quality Initiative
  • PK-16 Grant: Teacher Recruitment and Retention Initiative
  • Race and Ethnicity Campus Reading Seminars
  • Wisconsin ESEA Title II Improving Teacher Quality Program (WITQ)
  • COBE (Committee on Baccalaureate Expansion)

Two Academic Affairs grant programs will continue in their current format:

The remaining ten grant programs have been consolidated into two programs for FY2012-13 under the heading of the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin Grants Program

  • Institutional Change Grants (ICG)
  • Conference and Professional Development Grants (CPDG)

This consolidation of grant programs does not impact the following Academic Affairs programs:

  • OPID Programs
    • Faculty College
    • Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars
    • Lesson Study
    • OPID Conferences
  • PK-16 Initiatives
    • Institute for Urban Education
    • Teacher Preparation
      • Quality Educator Interactive
      • Education Accountability, Design and Implementation
      • Advancing Educator Recruitment and Retention